Fox Body Mustang Parts & Accessories

Fox Body Mustang Parts

Fox Body Mustang Parts & Accessories

The long-running third generation Mustang was first introduced in 1979 and remained, with several updates, until 1993. Based on the Fox platform, the new Mustang was bigger and more roomy than its predecessors and the third edition of the Mustang became the longest running version and one of the most beloved by enthusiasts.

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Best Modifications for Fox Bodies

Best Modifications for Fox Body Mustangs

You would be hard-pressed to find a car with more available upgrades than the Fox Body Mustang. Built between 1979 and 1993, the third-generation Mustang, based on the Fox platform, was a hit right out of the gate. Over 2.5 million of the legendary pony cars were produced, and even today there are still many on the road.

What made the Fox Body Mustang popular back then — light weight, front engine/rear-drive chassis, clean styling, and multiple engine and body style options — makes it the perfect choice for fox body Mustang parts and modifications. CJ Pony Parts has put together a comprehensive catalog of parts and accessories from some of the top automotive aftermarket suppliers so you can create the most impressive Fox Body Mustang out there! Let us walk you through some of the best, most popular Fox Body mods we’ve seen done by our large group of Mustang enthusiasts.

Different Kinds of Upgrades

Everyone has their reason for wanting to mod their Fox Body Mustang. You may plan to race and want the best performance possible. Maybe you enjoy showing your car at meets and rallies and like to focus on how your car looks and sounds. You might also like the idea of a discrete sleeper that flies under the radar but has all the right performance and style touches that make it your own unique ’Stang. It could even be that your Mustang is your daily driver, and you’re not looking for any major modifications. Instead, you want to improve the drivability, comfort and reliability of your car.

Performance, Reliability, Enjoyment, Style That’s the exciting part about the Ford Mustang: Everyone has their own perfect Mustang in mind. We can help you get your Fox Body Mustang where you want it. The best way to start is to consider the different categories of mods and upgrades that are available:

1) Performance: This includes all of the parts that will allow you to go faster, corner harder, stop quicker and finish the race ahead of the competition.

2) Enjoyment: Some modifications are geared towards tickling your senses, for those long cruises and road trips when the road is calling you.

3) Style: There are countless ways to modify and customize your Mustang inside and out with stylish additions and bolt-ons that enhance the look of your ride.

4) Reliability: Many quality upgrades exist for the Mustang that result in a car you can count on and for years to come.

If you already know what kind of Fox Body Mustang mods you want to make, great! You’ll find everything you’re looking for at CJ Pony Parts. With famous, trusted partners such as American Racing, Bilstein, Edelbrock, Ford Racing and Scott Drake (amongst hundreds of others!), you know you’re getting top-quality fox body Mustang parts and accessories that are designed to install easily and work perfectly with your third-generation Mustang.

If you’re at the beginning of your project and still haven’t decided what you want to do with your ride, we can help you learn all about the top Fox Body Mustang mods. You’ll see that it’s easier and more affordable than you think to make some serious improvements to your pony car. Let us break down each of the major categories we mentioned.


The beating heart of your Mustang is its engine. Of course, your car needs a chassis, a body, wheels and a transmission. But it’s your engine that determines the true performance potential of your car — many of the top Fox Body mods are related to your engine. The most popular ones are:

• Cylinder heads: With upgraded cylinder heads, your Mustang can see a huge gain in horsepower. We carry many different models and designs, but they all have one thing in common: They enable your engine to create more power.
• Camshaft: Your cam is responsible for opening and closing your valves. Upgrading yours can go a long way to helping your engine reach its potential. While you’re at it, consider replacing your valve train and rocker arms with performance versions.
• Intake manifold: When it comes to freeing up extra power in your engine, swapping out your stock intake manifold for an upgraded version is a very popular Fox Body mod. Combine this with a cold-air intake and the difference is night and day.

Suspension Upgrades Suspension upgrades are another essential part of the pony car performance equation. What good is all that extra power if your Mustang can’t handle it in the corners? With suspension mods from CJ Pony Parts, you can lower your pony car and give it flat, steady, confidence-inspiring handling at the limits. Consider your:

• Shocks and struts: The main component of your suspension, upgraded shocks and struts can lower the ride height of your car and eliminate sag and roll in corners and under hard braking
• Sway bars: The addition of a sway bar makes a world of difference in how your car feels when changing direction, providing a more planted feel during quick maneuvers.
• Sub frame connectors: No suspension modifications alone can correct the major flaw of the Fox Body: the weakness of its uni-body design. Sub frame connectors link the front and rear sub frames, allowing you to really dial in the handling performance upgrades.

Some of the other top Fox Body Mustang upgrades and bolt-ons that can make a significant difference to your performance are racing wheels and tires, aggressive brakes and improved rear axle gears. Combine all of CJ Pony Parts’ different performance-related parts to build a true thoroughbred for the road and track!


For hard-core Mustang racing fans, the name of the game is outright performance. You want everything to feel right and add to your enjoyment. With thousands of parts for your Fox Body in our catalog, you can be sure that we have tons of options to improve your ride. Make your Mustang the kind of car you want to spend hours in by updating the:

• Sound system: For many car fans, a road trip isn’t a road trip without the right soundtrack. A high-quality radio and speakers are easy to install and help the miles disappear.
• Shifter and steering wheel: Nothing beats the feel of a meaty steering wheel paired with a thick, short-throw shifter for complete control over your ’Stang.
• Seats: Even if the original Fox Body seats were relatively comfortable, years of use make even the best seats uncomfortable and unsupportive. Install some new seats and enjoy taking the long road home.

When you kick up the comfort factor of your Fox Body, you’ll be tempted to fire it up more often. You’ll want to head out for a spin just to experience the pleasure of the drive. Many of our customers also choose the following upgrades and modifications:

• Air conditioning: Upgrading your A/C to run a modern refrigerant ensures your Mustang is enjoyable even on the hottest summer day. If you’re swapping in a newer engine, such as the 5.0L Coyote, you may even be able to add A/C to a Fox Body that doesn’t have it.
• Air suspension: An adjustable air suspension combines the best of both worlds: maximum handling performance and the ultimate in ride comfort. Controlled from the driver’s seat, an air suspension lets you dial in the perfect settings for your driving mood.
• Exhaust: What would a Mustang be without a throaty exhaust sound? Our huge range of Fox Body exhaust components — from the headers to the exhaust tips and everything in between — means you can get the exact exhaust note you want.

Our bolt-on Fox Body parts and accessories can be installed quickly. They’re designed specifically for the 1979 to 1993 Mustang, so there’s no fuss. No two Mustang enthusiasts are exactly alike, so take some time and think about how YOU plan to enjoy YOUR Mustang. Add Your Own Custom Style


Style is important. We all want the best-looking Mustang possible. The 79-93 Mustang is a clean, straightforward two-door design that lends itself well to style and appearance upgrades. With its long hood, short rear deck and relatively compact size, the Mustang continues the pony car style it created back in 1965. Adding your own signature to the exterior of your Mustang is easy with CJ Pony Parts. Consider:

• Custom hoods: Adding a custom hood with scoops and vents is a great way to differentiate your Mustang from the stock ones out there, while hinting at the performance under the hood.
• Rims and tires: Nothing catches the eye better than a shiny set of highly styled rims. Wider rubber fills out the wheel wells better and creates an intimidating stance.
• Decals and stripes: Recreate the look of legendary racing Mustangs with decal and stripe packages, or create your own original design with various Mustang-specific stickers.

Once you’ve taken care of the outside, it’s time to concentrate on your Mustang interior. If the exterior of the Fox Body is a timeless design, the interior can seem a little dated. Thankfully, we carry some great style add-ons and replacement parts for your interior that really improve on the original look, such as:

• Gauges: Modern, stylish digital gauge kits can totally change the look of your dashboard, with multiple finishes and lighting color choices available.
• Carpets: Wear and tear on your carpets can damage and dirty them. Our carpets are designed to fit perfectly in your cockpit and trunk, and we carry many choices in floor mats as well.
• Lighting: Adding custom lighting turns your Mustang into a show car! LED lights are an excellent way to add a bit of ambiance and highlight your improved interior.

Of course, there are many other ways to express your personal style and modify your Mustang. Custom trim panels, spoilers, headlights and taillights, and shift knobs are all easy to install Fox Body mods that will impress everyone who sees your car. There’s no end to the possible combinations, making it easy to build a truly unique Mustang that looks like no other.


Any older car is bound to have a few problems. With regular maintenance, you can keep your car running well, but some parts are eventually going to wear out. Installing upgraded parts in key areas can eliminate any surprises down the road. The result is a reliable, dependable car that doesn’t complain when you drive it hard. Take a look at your:

• Ignition: A new ignition is an absolute must with an upgraded engine. Even Mustang owners running a stock engine can benefit from improved drivability and reliability by upgrading the ignition, wires and plugs.
• Brakes: You don’t always get a lot of warning before your brakes wear down and start to fade. New high-quality pads, shoes, rotors and drums can boost your confidence in your braking system.
• Filters: With aftermarket filters for your oil and fuel, you can increase your performance, economy, and drivability — it’s a win on all fronts! We carry filters for many different Fox Body models and engines.

Knowing that your Mustang is going to fire up every time you turn the key is priceless. It doesn’t matter if your Mustang is a daily driver that you count on to get to work or a weekend warrior that only gets out to the track when the weather is nice. You want to be able to count on it. There are many other ways to modify your Fox Body so that it is the most reliable possible, including upgrading the:

• Lighting: Major advancements have been made in automotive lighting since the Fox Body came out. Upgrading your Mustang lights means you’ll have stronger, more dependable lighting that will last a long time.
• Carburetor: Some early Fox Bodies came equipped with a carburetor, which can be notoriously difficult to adjust when they get old and dirty. A carb mod can increase performance and make your car more dependable.
• Battery and electrical: Rain, heat and wear can really degrade your electrical system over time. To avoid battery-related problems, replace your battery and alternator with higher performance solutions that are built to last.

As you see, many interesting and exciting reliability upgrades will also give you a boost in overall performance. Owning an older classic car such as the Fox Body Mustang is a pleasure, though it does require a bit more maintenance and attention than a new car. When you hit the road, hear that engine purr and feel yourself thrown back into your seat as you accelerate, you realize that it’s all worth it.

The Best Fox Body Mustang Parts Are the Ones You Want

What we have listed are many of the top Fox Body mods that our customers make. Now it’s time to make your own list.

What is your ideal Mustang? Does it have a stock look but hides some serious performance under the hood? Does it show off its proud pony car roots with some classic rims, decals and trims? Does it have all of the comforts and technology of a modern car in the retro style of a Fox Body?

We’d love to discuss the mods you plan on making to your Mustang. Contact us by phone or online, and our Mustang specialists can point you towards the best CJ Pony Parts aftermarket upgrade parts and accessories.

View our catalog to discover our extensive list of Fox Body Mustang parts. You can sort by year, part type and brand to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Most importantly, have fun! Owning and modding a Fox Body Mustang gives you entry into a passionate and energetic community of enthusiasts. We encourage you to get out and meet other Mustang owners. They’re a great source of ideas, inspiration and advice, and will certainly be happy to see one more fan doing their part to continue the Fox Body legend!