Throttle Body & Accessories

1992 Mustang Throttle Body and Accessories

Throttle Body & Accessories

When you drive your 1992 Mustang, does it feel and sound powerful? When you accelerate, does the engine purr back responsively? Or does it hesitate and feel slightly sluggish? If your pony car isn’t delivering the same kind of power it used to, as effortlessly as it once did, there could be an issue with your 1992 Mustang's throttle body. You can find the throttle body in your 1992 Mustang between the air inlet tubes and the intake manifold. The throttle body contains a butterfly shaped valve, often referred to as the throttle valve. This valve is responsible for maintaining the correct fuel to air mixture ratio based on the driving demands. If this valve is not functioning properly, your engine may not be getting the right amount of oxygen, which will cause vehicle performance to suffer.

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1992 Throttle Body & Accessories

Throttle Body Performance Problems

If you experience any of the following in your Mustang, it’s time to inspect your 1992 Mustang's throttle body:

• Erratic idling speed
• Stalling while driving or idling
• Stuttering or hesitation upon acceleration
• Overall loss of power and performance
• Slower starts

It’s possible that your 1992 Mustang throttle body is simply due for a thorough cleaning. Over time, carbon buildup in the throttle body can cause poor performance. This is why it’s important to clean the throttle body valve every 30,000 miles. But if you’ve given yours a thorough cleaning and are still experiencing issues, it’s time to replace your 1992 Mustang throttle body.

Improve Vehicle Performance with a 1992 Mustang Throttle Body Upgrade

It’s common knowledge that your engine requires oxygen to function. The throttle body is the operational link that allows vital oxygen in. One way to help your Mustang breathe better is to upgrade to a larger throttle body. The stock 1992 Mustang throttle body is 60mm in size. Upgrading to a 70mm throttle body can improve airflow and efficiency, leading to an increase in power and throttle response. This upgrade alone can add as much as 7-12 horsepower in most cases.

At CJ Pony Parts, we stock a variety of 1992 Mustang throttle bodies in various sizes to suit your performance needs. We have 1992 Mustang throttle bodies available in sizes ranging from 65mm to 75mm. We also carry a wide selection of individual throttle body parts, including:

• TPS Sensors
• Throttle Body Gaskets
• EGR Valve Position Sensor
• EGR Valve Vacuum Control Solenoid
• EGR Valve
• EGR Spacers and Delete Plates
• Idle Air Motor

If you’re not sure which throttle body parts you need for your Mustang, simply start up an online chat or give us a call. One of our Mustang experts will be happy to guide you in your selection. Don’t put up with poor performance – give your Mustang what it needs to generate more power and improve throttle response. Order your 1992 Mustang Throttle Body parts today!