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1999 Mustang Coil Over Kits

Coil Over Kits

Driving a powerful sports car like a 1999 Mustang can be a blast. Right from the factory, these cars are designed to deliver a thrilling experience. Hit the gas, hang on and smile. Yet there may be times when you push your Mustang hard and find yourself desiring more control. Does it sometimes feel like you’re fighting to keep the back end from swinging away from you? If you want more control over the powerful beast that is your 1999 Mustang, consider upgrading the suspension. Installing a high-quality 1999 Mustang Coilover kit may be the solution.

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1999 Coil Over Kits

Coilover kits lower ride height. This not only creates a more aggressive stance and appearance, but it effectively lowers the center of gravity for your Mustang. This helps to distribute weight more evenly, leading to better handling and control.

Benefits of a 1999 Mustang Coilover Kit

We all know that lowering ride height leads to a meaner and more aggressive appearance, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The real benefit is in how it transforms driving and handling dynamics. By lowering the ride height of your Pony with 1999 Mustang coilovers, you will enjoy several key benefits:

More grip, especially noticeable when cornering, accelerating and braking. Your Mustang will suddenly feel planted to the road. The lower center of gravity reduces wheel travel and body roll. When trying to tackle a corner at regular ride height, the body tends to roll and more weight is transferred to the outside wheels. That means there is less grip on the inside wheels and less overall control. With a lowered ride height, vehicle weight is more evenly distributed among all tires, which means you will have more grip on the inside wheels and greater control.

Better weight transfer. With factory ride height, you may find your Mustang front end lurching up with hard acceleration. Weight is then transferred to the rear wheels. When braking, the reverse is true. The front end leans down as weight is transferred forward and the back end rises up. This shifting weight distribution reduces handling and control. After installing a high-quality 1999 Mustang coilover kit, this weight is more evenly distributed.

Looking for a rough translation of all these benefits? When you push your Mustang hard, you’ll feel in control rather than feeling like you’re fighting for control.

If you’re ready to take control of your Mustang, order your 1999 Mustang Coilover kit today. Transform your driving experience. Enjoy the benefits of a stiffer suspension while creating a mean and aggressive stance. Get ready for your Mustang to hug the road with a 1999 Mustang Coilover kit from CJ Pony Parts.

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