Ford Dealers and Car Buyers Eagerly Await the 2015 Mustang

The much-anticipated release of the 2015 Mustang signifies the start of an exciting new generation of muscle car excellence. But if you’re like many 2015 Mustang dealers, you’re probably being inundated with calls from impatient customers who want the low-down on the new machine. That’s probably because Ford is doing a pretty good job of keeping news from leaking to the general public.

Rumors and Speculation Are Fueling Expectations

Like many 2015 Mustang dealers, we here at CJ Pony Parts are in the dark regarding available features, pricing and other essential details. However, we’re aware of the rumors and speculation that are spreading like wildfire across the Internet and all throughout the auto industry. While largely unconfirmed, the following tidbits can provide a bit of insight for information-starved gearheads everywhere:

  • Date of Release – Expect to see the initial media unveiling of the 2015 Mustang on December 5, 2013. As it stands now, the formal launch will occur on April, 17, 2014. This date has special significance because it marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the very first Mustang model. 2015 Mustang dealers should have the vehicles on their lots by Fall.

  • Pricing – The good news for your customers is that the base price of the 2015 Mustang shouldn’t be much different from the 2014 edition. However, buyers who like their muscle cars fully loaded might be in for a bit of sticker shock. A 2015 GT with all the bells and whistles could cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000. A new premium version featuring modern materials and highly advanced technological innovations will take an even bigger bite out of the consumer’s wallet.

  • Blast From the Past – Among the juicier bits of gossip is that the 2015 Mustang line will include updated versions of classic models such as the Mach 1, Cobra, Boss and GT350. The only thing we know at this point is that Ford has applied for and received a trademark for the Mach 1 brand.

We’ll Be Your Source for 2015 Mustang Aftermarket Parts

While much about the 2015 Mustang remains shrouded in secrecy, there’s no mystery about where to find the largest selection of aftermarket parts. CJ Pony Parts will continue to be your one-stop parts source, just like we have been since 1985. Keep checking the CJ Pony Parts blog for the latest 2015 Mustang information!