2015 Mustang Styling

At CJ Pony Parts, it's not just our job to obsess about the minutiae of the each new Mustang as it's released; in fact, as Mustang fanatics, it's our duty! The upcoming rollout of the sixth generation Mustang has caused speculation about design and styling to reach a fever pitch. With each new photo of the 2015 Mustang that is leaked, another point is added to the debate — some think the new direction is a work of art, while others think it is hideous; some think it is too conservative of a redesign, while others think it’s too bold. Whatever your personal opinion, we can all agree the few details that have been released give us some useful clues as to the direction Ford is headed. Here's our take on what we know so far.

It's All About the Evos

Ford Evos conceptThe obvious starting point for any discussion about the leaked 2015 Mustang pictures is Ford's Evos concept. First introduced in 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Ford Evos has been the stated inspiration for the Mustang redesign (don't hold your breath for gullwing doors, though). Here are some of the most important features of the Evos concept, and the likelihood they will be found in the upcoming 2015 Mustang:

  • Grille: The Evos concept features a trapezoidal shaped grille reminiscent of late-model Maserati and Bentley coupes. All the 2015 Mustang pictures we've seen so far feature a similar design, and Ford has publically stated the new fascia will be a major design component of all their future offerings.

  • Fastback: The fastback is back! The Evos has a shorter, more aggressive styling that hearkens back to the classic coupes of 60s coupes while still seeming contemporary. Look for it to be a major part of the upcoming redesign.

  • Dimensions: Leaner and lighter are the keywords here. If pictures of the 2015 Mustang are any indication, Ford's design team has taken these ideas to heart. In fact, rumor has it that the new Mustang will be as much as 400 lbs lighter than its predecessors!

Contemporary Designs for Young Buyers

Though the upcoming Mustang redesign arrives in time for the brand's 50th anniversary, Ford is clearly aiming for more than just nostalgia. The contemporary styling seen in pictures of the 2015 Mustang indicate an aggressive push into a younger demographic — which rumors of an optional turbocharged 4 cylinder engine seem to back up. As always, time will tell how closely our prognostications match reality — keep checking the CJ Pony Parts blog for the latest updates!