2015 Mustang Rumors

Ford is doing a great job at keeping us all in suspense regarding the latest addition to the Mustang family. The newest pony car marks the 50th anniversary of the Mustang’s introduction, as well as the start of its sixth generation. Ford is undoubtedly keeping all news about the new Mustang under wraps in an effort to increase the amount of attention paid to its release. Of course, the lack of information has led to the spreading of many 2015 Mustang rumors such as:

  • Ford will now offer a Mustang with a powerful four-cylinder engine to complement its current line of V-6 offerings. The four-banger could have as many as 350 horses under the hood. There’s no word on whether Ford will go “retro” and hang the SVO moniker on the new engine. Ford is also expected to retain the Coyote V8 in the Mustang GT, with anticipated horsepower slightly greater than the current Coyote.

  • While Ford has apparently applied for and received a trademark for the Mach 1 name, it appears that, in terms of the SVT car, the Shelby GT500 is going the way of the dinosaur. One can only wonder if Caroll Shelby is spinning in his grave!

  • As far as what’s on the inside, the 2015 Mustang rumors indicate that the MyFord Touch in-car communications system has been incorporated into the design of the new ‘Stang. This is an interesting development to say the least, given the widespread reports of the system’s unreliability in other Ford models.

  • Ford designers have apparently given in to customer demand by implementing an independent rear suspension. This will give backseat passengers a bit more leg room while also providing more cargo space.

  • In an effort to reduce fuel consumption, the 2015 Mustang has gone on a diet. A smaller wheelbase and the use of lighter materials should result in a weight loss of approximately 400 lbs. This should come as welcome news to penny-pinching consumers, while also keeping the Mustang on track to comply with anticipated regulatory requirements in terms of fuel economy.

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