2015 Mustang Suspension

One of the biggest changes in the new 2015 Mustang is the new independent rear suspension. While this big change is expected to result in major ride and performance improvements, it's also going to result in dozens of new Mustang Suspension parts. CJ Pony Parts will have each of these new parts as they become available - just keep checking this page for the latest parts released from our vendors."

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Ford Mustang Suspension

For nearly 50 years, the Ford Mustang has sported a live axle suspension. The type of suspension provided a relatively stable ride, especially when combined with a wide selection of aftermarket components that can helped with cornering, wheel hop and other problems that were common to this type of Mustang suspension.

As part of a complete top to bottom redesign, Ford has designed the new 2015 Mustang to have an independent rear suspension. This is a first for any mass produced Mustang, though an IRS did have a problematic run in the Mustang Cobra nearly 15 years ago. The way that an independent rear suspension works is that each wheel moves independently, instead of together with the other wheel on the axle. This movement provides a much more comfortable and stable ride versus a live axle.

Since it is already expected that the new Mustang suspension on the S550 chassis will perform better in just about any driving situation, and especially performance situations, the good news is that the new 2015 Mustang might not require as many Mustang suspension modifications as the previous generation's Mustang suspension. However, for the parts that you do need to make your Mustang suspension perform better, you can be assured that CJ Pony Parts will have them!

CJ Pony Parts is already working with their Mustang suspension part vendors to get specs on the new suspension and develop the highest quality, reliable parts to give this new Mustang suspension an upgrade for even better performance. Keep checking back to this page so you can be the first to order.