So What Will the 2015 Mustang Really Look Like, Anyway?

If you’re a Mustang enthusiast, you probably already know that Ford is keeping the 2015 Mustang a closely guarded secret. And in today’s Information Age, that’s no easy task! Few 2015 Mustang videos are known to exist; we’ve seen one that shows a “wrapped up” Mustang maneuvering effortlessly around a test track. While this sheds some light on the superior handling abilities offered by the newest version of America’s favorite muscle car, it doesn’t tell us much about its possible visual appeal.

Styling for the Younger Generation

Ford Evos conceptOf course, it’s virtually impossible to keep anything a total secret these days. There are a few details about the 2015 Mustang we’re pretty certain about here at CJ Pony Parts:

  • Implementation of the Evos Concept – The Ford Evos concept that was first introduced to the world a few years back and is currently exhibited on several Ford models is also expected to be incorporated into the design of the sixth-generation Mustang. You’ll especially notice the Evos influence in the design of the vehicle’s front end. Ford is apparently hoping that this results in a sleeker looking Mustang that grabs and holds the attention of younger car buyers.

  • It’s What’s Inside That Counts – Rumored interior features in the new ‘Stang include a scalloped three-spoke steering wheel, ventilated seats including a power driver’s seat backrest, and a completely reinvented dashboard with an array of push button and toggle switches and controls. Many Mustang buyers are sure to view this as an upgrade over the rather uninspired dashboard design offered in models from previous years.

  • Leaner and Meaner – The 2015 Mustang is said to be several hundred pounds lighter, as well as a bit shorter and narrower than its 2014 cousin. However, the availability of a brand-new EcoBoost inline 4-cylinder engine should adequately “feed the beast” for drivers who hunger for a little more power and performance. However, the same “subdued” engine options that came with the 2014 should also be available with the 2015 model.

We’ll Keep You in the Loop About the 2015 Mustang

We’ll be sure to post any 2015 Mustang videos we happen to come across right here on the CJ Pony Parts blog. And don’t forget to check back often for the latest news and information about changes, release dates and much more. You can count on us to be your one-stop source for 2015 Mustang aftermarket parts!