Procar Seat Vinyl Rally Series Black Driver Side

Procar: 80-1000-51L
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Product Description

Procar Driver Side Rally Series 1000 Vinyl Seat.

Sensible styling is the hallmark of a Procar seat. The clean, vertical stitching gives these seats a vintage look while the pronounced side bolstering offers added support under hard cornering. Procar seats always look like they were meant for your car! Features adjustable headrests, map pockets and reclining backrests.

Upgrade the quality and comfort of your vehicle when you go with a Procar seat installation. The all-steel, TIG-welded frame is electrostatically coated for strength and durability. Premium grade fabrics and stitching will stand up to years of wear and tear. Ergonomically shaped cushions made with hi-density, injection-molded foam ensure comfort with the proper support.

*1965-1967 rear seat matching upholstery is also available.

Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

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Best aftermarket seat for 65 - 71 mustangs.
These seats are the best looking and comfy seats for a 65 - 71 mustang. when you first sit in one you feel comfy yet seriously planted in the seat! I am 194 lbs and 5 fiit 11 inches and I highly recommend these seats.
January 20, 2013
Hardware location
The hardware that is needed i.e the 4 bolts, flat washer and lock washer are included in the seat track adapter kit STP1. You need this kit for the Rally Seats. The nuts for these bolts (4) are included with the seats. No need to run to the hardware store as stated in another post.
Greenman June 8, 2012
Wonderful upgrade.
This is an easy up grade for your interior. You don't need any parts from the old seats. The instructions are minimal, but it pretty much common sense. Make sure to get the adapter (STP1) and go to the hardware store and get 8 bolts for mounting the adapter to the floor.
Red Adair February 13, 2012
All I can say is WOW!
These seats are incredible! I'm 6 foot 1 inches 190 lbs. and have no trouble with clearance when seated. It's a tad tricky figuring out the best way to climb in and out without the tilt wheel, but the look and comfort is sooooo worth it. The seat rack adapter is the only way to get these seats to fit. They bolted right in with no problem whatsoever! The sliders are smooth and clean and seem fairly durable. FIVE STARS!!! Yes, you will need to purchase the hardware to bolt the adapter to the floor, but what's $10 to have interior that looks like a million bucks?! GREAT BUY! VERY HAPPY!
Kimball M. September 11, 2011
Where did the hardware go?
To mount the seats to slide mechanism you need 4 bolts, washers and lock washers per seat. Not a single piece of mounting hardware was included. I spent $15 on metric sized hardware for both seats. Put a real damper on installation day. Otherwise the seats are well made and look nice in the box. Maybe I will have time tomorrow to mount them.
Robert August 8, 2011
Procar rally seats
Excellent seats! Comfortable and sporty, with a classic look. REMEMBER TO PURCHASE SEAT TRACK ADAPTERS ( part number STP1,STP2 or STP3 )
Torstein April 26, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: One of the best ways to finish off the interior of your Mustang is with a nice custom seat. While there are some decent factory options out there, nothing takes your Mustang's interior to the next level like a true custom bucket. Today, we'll take a look at some custom seats from Procar.

One of our more popular seats for the early Mustangs is the Procar Rally seat. It's available in a black, beige, blue, gray, maroon, red or white vinyl, or your choice of black or gray velour. The seat has a nice vintage look to it and large bolsters, as well as an adjustable headrest to keep you planted in the seat.

An all steel tig welded frame is going to ensure durability, and you also have a nice map pocket located in the back and they are fully adjustable. Matching upholstery for the rear seat is available for your '65 through '67 coupe, convertible, or fastback.

The Procar Elite seat is right at home in your late model Mustang or your classic, as well. These are also available in a black, beige, blue, gray, maroon, red or white vinyl, as well as a black or gray velour finish. These seats are fully adjustable as well, with an adjustable headrest and large bolsters on both the back and the bottom of the seat. These seats will tilt forward for people to access the backseat, and the back of the seat is equipped with a map pocket.

The Procar Classic seat is a perfect choice for your early Mustang. It even matches the original seat design pretty closely. They're available with or without upholstery, so you can upholster them to match your interior, if necessary. If you choose to go with upholstery, they're available with a black, beige, gray or white vinyl or a black and white velour. They're also available with or without the adjustable headrest. They feature a full steel frame that again is tig welded for durability, matching rear seat upholstery for a '65 through '67 coupe, convertible, and fastback is also available. Unlike your factory seats, the backrest is ratcheting and fully adjustable.

The Procar Evolution is the most aggressive modern looking seat that Procar offers. It's a narrow fit designed for more racing applications, yet it's perfectly at home in a street car as well. It's got aggressive bolsters, while they're openings for a 5-point racing harness.

It's available in all black finish, black and gray, black and yellow, black and ivory shown here, black and red, as well as black and blue. The seat has a fully adjustable backrest and uses a complete carbon fiber exposed back.

To give you an idea of the size of each seat, we're going to have Sean give us a hand. Sean is six foot one, roughly 185 pounds. It will give you a good idea of how an average person is going to fit in the seat.

Scat offers a wide range of seats that are suited for both early, as well as late model applications. All of the seats include sliders, with mounting brackets available for many of the early models.