AMK Products Master Chassis Kit With Disc Brakes 390/428 1967

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AMK Products Master Chassis Kit for Front Disc Brake Equipped 1967 Mustangs with a 390 FE Engine and 1967 Shelby GT500s with a 428 Police Interceptor Engine.

This Master Chassis Kit from AMK Products includes 374 total pieces of factory correct, OE style fasteners that are required to properly reassemble your 1967 Mustang or Shelby GT500's chassis in one convenient kit! This kit is specifically assembled for front disc brake equipped 1967 Mustangs with a 390 FE engine and 1967 Shelby GT500s with a 428 Police Interceptor engine.

AMK Products' Master Chassis Kit includes individually packaged sets of hardware for various applications on your 1967 Mustang or Shelby GT500. Each package is thoroughly labeled so you know exactly where it goes on your Mustang. The individual sets of hardware also include the total number of pieces that are required for the specific application.

Master Chassis Kit Includes:
- Accelerator Bellcrank to Firewall: Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws (3)
- Axle Housing to Springs: 5-1/2" U-Bolts, Flange Nuts (12)
- Axle Retainer Plates: T-Bolts, Lock Nuts (16)
- Brake Booster to Firewall: Hex Screw and Split Washer Assembly, Flange Nuts (5)
- Brake Cables to Body: Retainers, Hex Washer Head Screws, Nuts, Washers (10)
- Brake Caliper Brackets to Spindle: Grade-8 Hex Washer Head Bolts, Lock Nuts (16)
- Brake Calipers to Bracket: Drilled Grade-8 Bolts (4)
- Brake Drum Retainers: Green Push-On Retainers (6)
- Front Brake Hose Brackets to Body: Hex Head Heavy-Duty C Screws (2)
- Brake Hoses to Bracket: U-Clips (3)
- Brake Light Switch: Retaining Pin (1)
- Coil Spring Perches: Hug-Lok Nuts (4)
- Lower Control Arms to Shock Tower: Grade-8 Cam Bolts, Nuts, Washers (8)
- Upper Control Arms to Shock Tower: Grade-8 Knurled Bolts, Nuts, Split Washers (12)
- Front Tubular Crossmember: Special Hex Countersunk Bolts (2)
- Differential Carrier to Housing: Cadmium Lock Nuts, Copper Washers (20)
- Driveshaft: 5/16" U-Bolts, Lock Nuts (6)
- Engine Body Brackets: Flange Bolts and Nuts (12)
- Engine Insulator and Block Brackets: Hex Bolts, Lock Nuts, Split Washers (16)
- Engine Insulator to Body Brackets: 4-3/4" Bolts, Flange Nuts, Flat Washers (6)
- Dual Exhaust Hangers: Carriage Bolts, Hex and Hex Washer Head Screws, Nuts (20)
- Pop Open Gas Cap: Phillips Flat Sheet Metal Screws (4)
- Gas Tank: Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws (11)
- Gas Tank Filler Neck with Twist Cap: Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws (5)
- Chassis Grease Plugs: Hex Plugs (9)
- Idler Arm: Hex Bolts "F", Lock Nuts, Clipped Washers (6)
- Front Eye Leaf Springs: Pointed Hex Bolts, Flange Nuts, Washers (6)
- Master Cylinder with Power Brakes: Hex Nuts, Split Washers (4)
- Power Steering Cylinder Bracket to Body: Hex Bolts "F", Lock Nuts, Washers (7)
- Power Steering Hose Support Insulator Retainer: Hex Washer Head Machine Screws (2)
- Parking Brake Control to Body: Phillips Pan Head Screw/External Washer Assembly, Caged/Flange Nuts (6)
- Pitman Arm to Gear Box with 1-1/18" Shaft: 1-5/16" Hex Jam Nut, Split Washers (2)
- Proportioning Valve to Apron: 5/16"-18 Hex Washer Head Machine Screw (1)
- Rear Shackle Assembly: Lock Nuts (4)
- Front Shock Brackets: Lower Heavy-Duty Carriage Bolts, Flange Nuts (12)
- Front Shocks: Hex Screw/External Washer Assembly "Anchor", Nuts, Washers (12)
- Front Stabilizer Bar to Body: Hex Bolts, Lock Nuts (8)
- Front Stabilizer End Links: Bolts, Retainers, Bushings, Spacers, Nuts (22)
- Steering Gear Box: Hex Bolts, Clipped Flat and Split Washers (9)
- Steering Linkage with Power Steering: Slotted Nuts, Cotter Pins, Flat Washers (23)
- Steering Rag Joint without Tilt: 12-Point Bolt, Lock Nuts (3)
- Strut Rod Threaded Ends to Body: Lock Nuts (4)
- Strut Rods to Lower Control Arm: Hex Bolts, Lock Nuts (8)
- Rear Suspension Bumper: Lock Nut (1)
- Front Suspension Bumper: Hug-Lok Nuts (2)
- Transmission Crossmember: Hex Washer Head Bolts, Lock Nuts, Flat Washers (5)
- Transmission Insulator: (10)
- Wheel Cylinders: 5/16"-18 Hex Screw and External Tooth Washer Assembly (4)

Buying individual sets of hardware for your 1967 Mustang or 1967 Shelby GT500 can be expensive and time consuming if you're not sure which hardware you need. This Master Chassis Kit makes it easy by including 85% of the original, factory correct hardware that specifically fits your front disc brake equipped 1967 Mustang with a 390 FE engine or 1967 Shelby GT500 with a 428 Police Interceptor engine. With a Master Chassis Kit from AMK Products, you will not only save time and money, but you will have the confidence knowing your 1967 Mustang or Shelby GT500 is going to be restored with the finest factory correct hardware on the market.

AMK Products produces the most factory correct hardware for your classic Mustang. No matter what kind of Mustang you're building, there's no company better for nuts and bolts than AMK Products!

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