Baer Wheel Spacer 1" Thick 5-Lug Pair

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Baer Wheel Spacer 1" Thick 5-Lug Pair
Baer Wheel Spacer 1" Thick 5-Lug Pair Baer Wheel Spacer 1" Thick 5-Lug Pair
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Product Description

Pair of BAER Wheel Spacers for all 5-Lug Mustangs.

Available in your choice of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" thick spacers.

- Manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
- CNC machining process virtually eliminates variations in thickness
- Ensures proper wheel torque is maintained
- Multiple bolt patterns (not elongated)
- Parallel finished to just .001 of an inch
- Universal 5-lug pattern to fit 5x4.25"/4.5"/4.75"

Facts: One of the most important aspects in spacer manufacturing and design is maintaining parallelism. This is important for two reasons:

1) Any space or voids created between the wheel mounting surface and the spacer, or between the spacer and rotor/drum mounting surface creates the potential for a wheel to come loose. Under this scenario the lug nuts will torque properly when the wheels are installed, but once the vehicle is driven the lug nuts may become loose. This happens because as the vehicle is driven, dynamic forces such as cornering allow the wheel to flex and move toward the spacer/rotor/drum assembly and away from the lug nut. Once this happens the lug nut is no longer under tension and can come loose.

2) Any variation in parallelism (difference in thickness) of the spacer is multiplied several-fold at the tires circumference. Even slight variations of ten to twenty thousands of an inch at the wheel mounting surface can become as high as fifty to one hundred thousandths of an inch at the tire circumference. This variation causes an imbalance in the rotating assembly that can cause an unpleasant shake or vibration in the cabin of the vehicle when driven.

With cast or Pot-Metal designs, it is virtually impossible to build them to tolerances that ensure this will not happen! This is why all BAER aluminum wheel spacers are manufactured out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum to a parallel finish tolerance of just .001" (one thousandths of an inch)!

Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

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