BBK In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Kit High-Volume 255 LPH EFI V8 1986-1997

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BBK 255 LPH High-Volume In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Kit for 1986-1997 Electronic Fuel Injected V8 Mustangs.

BBK Performance direct-replacement in-tank fuel pumps continue to be the number one brand of high-volume pumps for today's fuel injected enthusiasts. Their OEM dimensions allow the BBK Fuel Pumps to be swapped without any modifications making them a great upgrade or replacement unit.

This BBK high performance in tank fuel pump delivers up to 255 LPH and is recommended for any high performance engine especially turbo, nitrous and supercharged models.

BBK performance fuel pump kits include a new strainer and installation hardware.

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By Bill Tumas: When upgrading the performance of their Mustang, many owners forget to upgrade to a high performance fuel pump. Fuel starvation could lead to detonation and make your high performance engine into an expensive pile of scrap metal. The owner of this 1988 Mustang GT recently added a Ford Racing crate engine, along with a Holley Systemax intake. The stock 88-liter per hour pump is simply not up to the task, so today we're going to install a 255-liter unit from BBK.

This fuel pump kit from BBK will fit your 1986 through 1997 V8 Mustang. It includes a new wiring harness, the 255-liter per hour pump itself, new connectors, hoses, and a sock. Everything you need for installation.

For this installation, you need a jack and jack stands or a lift, a 1/4-inch ratchet, an extension, a 5/16th socket, 1/4-inch socket, 3/16th socket, 3/8th ratchet, 6-inch extension, 13mm socket, wire cutters, wire strippers, hammer, brass punch, flashlight, and safety glasses.

The fuel pump's located in the fuel tanks. You have to remove the tanks for installation. The first step is to remove this bolt, here. That connects your fuel tank to the ring that goes around your filler tube. Now you want to support the tank because the next thing we'll do is remove the bolts that hold it in place. The fuel tank is held to the body by these two straps here. They're held in place by bolts in the front. When you remove the front bolts, the straps will hang down and the tank will come down.

Once the straps are loose, we can lower the tank down. Now you want to reach up and disconnect the sending unit and the fuel pump. Now we're going to slide the tank off the filler tube. Now we can disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel pump. These two little plastic clips, you're just simply going to push them through, and slide the line off.

Fuel pump's located right here. It's held in place by a lock ring you have to hammer off. You want to be very careful. Obviously, there's fuel in the area. You want to make sure to use a brass bunch that won't spark when hammering off this ring. There's our stock fuel pump.

We're going to reuse original fuel pump housing. We're going to start by taking it apart. We'll start with these two here, and then we'll remove these to remove the pump. This we'll just pull off. Pop the retaining ring off the bottom. The factory wiring won't work with the new fuel pump, so I'll have to cut that off, use the supply connectors to connect the original wiring to our new plug.

Start by connecting the hose that goes to the fuel hat to the fuel pump. Put the pump into the housing. Next step, put the fuel sock on. Make sure it's on there tight and ready to reinstall on our vehicle. BBK supplies a new fuel pump gasket. We're going to remove the original one that was already in there, just sort of clean this area up before we reinstall our new pump. With our new gasket in place first, we'll put our new fuel pump in the tank, and our tank's ready to go back in our car.

Before you put your tank back in the car, it's a good idea to check your fuel filler pipe seal. As you can see, ours is dry rotted and cracked, so we're going to replace it before we put our tank back in the car. BBK provides new clips for both the return as well as the main fuel lines. If you damage when removing them, don't worry about it. You want to make sure they click into place when you're reinstalling, that way you know they're right. Push that back into our tank, then pump.

We'll jack the tank up and get it on to their filler pipe. Then you can put the straps back on. The last step is to reconnect the filler tube ring, and our installation's finished.

A high performance fuel pump like our BBK is cheap insurance for your high performance engine. Don't worry about putting a slightly larger fuel pump than you may need since the system is self-regulating, you can go with a larger pump now. That way, you have room to grow in the future. Installation should only take you around an hour, and you'll be back on the road in no time.