Blowfish Racing Manual Shifter Support Bracket GT 2011-2014/Boss 302 2012-2013

Blowfish Racing: SSB-01-000

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Blowfish Racing Manual Shifter Support Bracket GT 2011-2014/Boss 302 2012-2013
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Product Description

Blowfish Racing Manual Shifter Support Bracket for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 GT Mustangs and 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustangs.

Transform the poorly designed MT82 manual transmission in your 2011-2014 Mustang into a world class performer with help from Blowfish Racing and their all-new manual shifter support bracket! This bracket is the definitive answer to alleviate all your MT82 transmission problems.

Blowfish Racing designed this support bracket as an easy way to transition the MT82 manual shifter from being a remote shifter in to a solid mount setup. Essentially, this bracket allows it to function just like a T-56 or T-5. No more grinding gears, high RPM lockouts or missed shifts. Pick up Blowfish Racing's support bracket at CJ Pony Parts and you’ll gain the confidence of knowing that your Mustang's MT82 transmission will go into the gear you intended it to, precisely when you need it to!

Features and Benefits:
- Patent pending design modifies the semi-remote mount shifter configuration for a rigid mount to the transmission
- Drastically improves shift accuracy, even with a stock shifter
- Realigns the 1-2 shift gates to prevent gear change grinding
- Prevents those annoying high RPM lockouts
- Prolongs synchro life
- Integrated NHRA legal driveshaft safety loop
- Works with stock and all aftermarket shifters
- Ford blue powder coated finish
- Includes all the necessary mounting hardware
- Installs painlessly, with basic hand tools

Order Blowfish Racing's Manual Shifter Support Bracket for your 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 GT Mustang or any 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts and start enjoying clean, precise shifts without grinding today!

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I have a Barton shifter and the vibration and noise close to 3000 RPM is horrible. I have tried numerous different hight positions with this bracket and it's still the same. Waiting to see if a solution is made seeing as how I don't want to spend more money on a different shifter or put my stock one back on.
Richard Kleiser December 15, 2014
Why did I wait?
I can only speak to those using MGW shifters installed on Boss 302... It a most noticeable difference, especially 2nd to 3rd. Once it's installed you will be surprised how much flex/movement there was without the Blowfish Racing support bracket.

My only request is to clarify the instructions for the MGW shifter. The MGW heat shield as well as a few connecting nuts will be left over after installation of the Blowfish Racing bracket.

Ray December 7, 2014
WOW what a diffrence
Easy to install, make sure you have room for both arms under car.. Makes a world of diffrence on shifting seems like part of the car now!! Great investment
Gary bartush December 2, 2014
Best Trans Mod
My mt82 has been suffering from the dreaded gear grind/nibble and clunk going into several different gears. It didn't do it all the time, but it was often enough. It wasn't as bad as some have reported, but I have added an MGW shifter and changed the trans fluid (Redline MTL) trying to make the problem better. The fluid change made a big difference, but it was still there.

Then I came across the Blowfish bracket and thought I would give it a shot. After installing this bracket I know the issues I was having was caused by misaligned shifts, which explains why it didn't do it all the time. I have zero issues shifting now and the shifts are more precise and there is a positive "pop" when it goes into gear. I have no doubt this will extend the life of my trans. This is a must have for any daily driver or tracked Mustang with an mt82.
James November 13, 2014
Installed on my 2012 Boss with no issues at all. had the car on jackstands. I have a Ford Racing short throw with the Blowfish. The only drawback I have is that it created a lot of vibration and noise through the shifter. Very anying. Have to agree with Jay's comment, unless there is a fix, I may remove it. I also chatted with Steve and he said they may come up with a fix late November. Will wait, see and try, then decide...
MIKE November 6, 2014
Must Have!!
Purchased the bracket through CJ Pony. It was delivered as promised and on time. The bracket was very easy to install. The instructions were well written. All needed parts and bolts were included. The new bracket made an immediate change to the performance of my 2011 GT. The trade off is that there is some noise when shifting at 3k to 4k rpm. Sounds as though it is coming from the reverse lock out spring assembly on the factory shifter. I spoke with Steve @ Blowfish and he says that they are aware of this and are working on it.

Great product and excellent customer service. I highly recommend this mod to your 2011+ Mustang.
Dan November 3, 2014
huge difference
MGW shifter whiteline bushing insert and this bracket makes for some very nice shifting. Some more vibration in the shifter but no noise. Took me about a hour on ramps. Set shifter bracket to the lowest position to move away from studs for factory mount.
Mark October 31, 2014
a must have
It took about 1 hour for the full install but was it worth it! right away you can feel a difference in the shifts and i also got the whiteline transmission mount as well. each shift homes in better and the best part is...NO VIBRATION AT ALL!!! my stock shifter works great theres no shaking or vibration, theres a slight increase in sound but it adds to the rumble of the Coyote. not bad for 300 dollars and i also get a drive shaft loop with it. trust me when i say you donot WANT this brack, you NEED it.
Sumeet October 30, 2014
Instantly felt a difference. Love it, makes me feel one with the car. Sucks that the barton shifter vibrates some on high RPM, but it was expected. I would highly recommended this anyone that wants the best for their Mustang.
Christopher Torres October 27, 2014
excellant product
Just finished installation and after a spirited test, I can't say enuff good things about it. Comboed with a MGW shifter it's like butter. EZ install. Next to the Steeda rear seat cross brace , one of the more noticeable improvements to my 2014 trackpack gt. Get one today!
Michael G. October 26, 2014
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Bill: While it may have a reputation for not being the strongest transmission around, the MT-82 six speed manual found in our gotta have it race car, so far has held up to all the abuse we’ve put it through. When Steve from Blowfish contacted us and said he had a new product that would make our MT-82 even stronger, we were all ears. Steve, tell us about this new product you made.

Steve: Well, this is our MT-82 shifter support bracket. Essentially what it does is it converts a semi-remote shifter to a solid mount shifter just like a T-56 or T-5s that you all might be used to. What that does is it’s going to eliminate all of your miss shifts. It’s going to eliminate any of the one, two nibble that you sometimes can get, and it’s going to extend the synchro life, so you’re not grinding gears all day long.

Bill: This will work with stock shifters, after market shifters, anything.

Steve: It works with every shifter on the market today.

Bill: It’s a bolt-in product, no cutting …

Steve: No cutting, no welding.

Bill: … welding, nothing crazy like that?

Steve: 100%, you can return it to stock.

Bill: This appears to be a built-in drive shaft loop?

Steve: It certainly is. Yeah.

Bill: You’re getting a support for your transmission and a loop, all built-in, on a bolted installation that’ll work on any MT-82 transmission?

Steve: Absolutely.

Bill: Okay. Let’s get it installed.

Steve: Great.

Bill: To get started, if you have an aftermarket drive shaft looped already, you’re going to want to remove it. Since the Blowfish piece has it built in, you’re not going to need it anymore. Steve, what’s the first part of the installation?

Steve: Well, the first part is to remove the shifter bracket.

Bill: Okay, and factory or aftermarket, it doesn’t matter …

Steve: It doesn’t matter.

Bill: … it’s got to come off.

Steve: All of them come off.

Bill: Let’s get that out of the way.

The bracket is held in by two nuts, one on either side. We pull it down off the studs and slide it off the back.

Okay, the bracket’s off. What’s next?

Steve: Next we’re going to loosen up these three bolts attaching the isolator to the transmission.

Bill: Okay. Don’t remove them. Right?

Steve: Don’t remove them. Just back them out to about a quarter inch gap.

Bill: Next we’re going to install the lower bracket over the loosened up bolts.

Steve: You just slide it through the keyed part of the center one and drive all three of them down.

Bill: Ease it up and tighten them back up.

Steve: Tighten them back up. Next we’re going to take the upper bracket and work it in, to have the bolting bolts holes facing rearward and rotate it around the drive shaft, behind the shifter, until it’s in place. Then slide it. Lift up the shifter, slide it forward, just like that. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to bring the snout bracket clamp and put the lower piece between the upper bracket and the lower part of the snout, and then bring the top piece over. Then we’re going to attach it with the two bolts from underneath.

Bill: Okay, so the same place we removed the bracket from the aftermarket or factory shifter, that bracket …

Steve: Is where it goes right back on.

Bill: … comes off the piece, and that goes on there.

Steve: Yep.

Bill: Easy enough.

Steve: Just in an upside down configuration. Now we’re going to take the lower piece and place it between, lifting up again on the shifter. Now it’s settled in. Then we’re going to take the upper piece and place it over the top and nest it. Next, take the two bolts and start threading them in.

Bill: There’s no nuts required? Actually the bracket is threaded?

Steve: It is. We’ll leave these bolts loose for the time being while we get everything set in place. Cinch them up. Next we’re going to set the bracket, the upper bracket, up with the lower. We’re going to push it up into place just enough to get a bolt in.

Bill: Once it’s all together we just tighten it down and we’re done?

Steve: That’s it.

Bill: Easy enough. Now, when you say tighten it up, you want to start with these or the bolts up top?

Steve: You want to start with the top clamp bolts.

Bill: Okay, those first.

Steve: That’ll straighten everything out.

Bill: Then I can tighten these down.

You’re going to feel the difference with the Blowfish bracket as soon as you install it. The first time you put the car in gear, it just has a different feel to it. It feels like it’s a much more solid feel than you’re used to. The remote mount always has that unique to it where there’s always a little bit of play. That play is gone. It feels just like an old school shifter where your shifter’s attached directly to the transmission.

Well, a Blowfish mount’s great for anybody with an MT-82 transmission. It’s really meant for someone who’s going to power shift it. Let’s give it a little abuse and see how it does.

I’ve got to admit, I didn’t think I’d see that big of a difference. We have a lot of different parts come in here, different brackets, mounts, all kinds of different shifters. That is huge. The difference this thing makes in your car, the transmission is tighter, it goes into gear easier, and feels better when power shifting. All around great product.Thank you for bringing it out. We appreciate it.

Steve: Thanks for having me.