Cabin Air Filter 2005-2014

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Product Description

Cabin Air Filter for all 2005-2014 Mustangs.

This is a direct replacement cabin air filter for your dirty and clogged original.

One of the most overlooked parts on a vehicle is the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is responsible for filtering out dust, pollen and other debris from entering the interior of the vehicle through the air vents.

Tech Tip: It is recommended to replace your cabin air filter every 12 months!

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Air Filters
What a Find. Perfect. The price was so reasonable I purchased two more. I want my air filtration systems always working for the better of my car , not for the worse. Thank you PONY.
Sir Edward October 4, 2014
Easy & Inexpensive
Much cheaper than OEM part. Easy to follow instructions. If you still have questions watch the video. It couldn't be easier.
Bob Royer June 15, 2014
Watch the video for hints - super easy
Watch the video for hints. Super easy, only took 2 minutes to change. Darn never even finished my beer during the install. Wow was mine dusty and full of pollen after 8000 miles
AndyP August 26, 2013
Great video
I didn't realize I had one in my mustang till seeing this video really helped.
Al July 18, 2013
Cabin Air Filter
Easy to swap out. After seeing the stock CAF, I was glad I changed mine out. It was filthy and black.
mac10chap March 8, 2012
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: If you're like me, your Mustang's your pride and joy, so you make sure you stay on top of general maintenance such as tune-ups and oil changes. One area we often forget to change is the cabin air filter. Especially in the springtime, with all the pollen in the air, this thing can get clogged and create less than fresh air inside your Mustang. So today, we're going to show you how to replace the filter using our 2013 Got to Have It Race car.

The cabin air filter iss located right behind the battery underneath the cowl panel in your 2005 through 2014 Mustang. The only thing you need for installation is going to a small screwdriver. There's a Philips head plastic screw in the center of the plastic clip. Many times, they're actually stripped from the factory and won't back out. The easiest way is to put a small screwdriver underneath the point, push the screw up, and then you can remove the clip.

To access the filter, just lift on the cowl panel. There's one more plastic clip that will pop up as soon as you put some pressure on it. The filter is located right here behind this panel, so pull it away from the casing and slide it up out of the way. Our 2013 only 5,000 miles on it, but you can see how dirty the filter is already, after only about a year of use. It's the perfect time to change it out. To remove it, simply pop the old one out of the frame, and install the new on in its place. Make sure the air flow direction spacing inside the car. We're ready to reinstall it back in our Mustang, by sliding it back into place.

The last step is to reinstall the insert, then the plastic screw, and our installation's finished. The new cabin air filter will make a huge difference on the air quality inside your Mustang. Installation should only take around five minutes-you'll be back on the road in no time.