CarTech Book How To Rebuild The Small-Block Ford

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CarTech Book How To Rebuild The Small-Block Ford

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CarTech How To Rebuild The Small-Block Ford Book.

Over the years, the small-block Ford has remained one of the most popular and widely used engines on the planet. From the earliest Fairlanes and Mustangs to the latest Mustangs and light trucks, the Ford small-block has powered them all. With the amount of aftermarket support and rebuildable cores out there, you don't have to worry about spending an arm and a leg for quality rebuild - especially if you do the teardown and assembly yourself.

*144 Pages.

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A good book for a beginer
Filled with step by step instructions and pictures from tear down to build up. Great for someone who has never built an engine before to learn how everything works and why engines wear down and fail and to build them. It even had formulas for determining your engines CI's and HP and Torque. However, the book skimps out on some information while going a bit overboard on some. For example, it has two to three steps dedicated to the advantage of rubber rear main seals over rope seals, but does not say how to adjust the rocker arms or set the timing. Also there were two different chapters in it dedicated to selecting parts for an engine, when they could have easily been merged into one. The second one at the end however is more of a few pages of parts advertisements then any actual information. All in all, a great book for someone new to or brushing up on engine building.
Wes October 27, 2012
not great for instructions
this book is like reading a magazine, it doesnt give you all the information. for example, here is a small paragraph from the book. 'Another point of confusion with timing covers is the crankshaft oil seals. There are two types of seals- one with a lip ( presses in from the front) and on without a lip (which presses in from the inside against a lip in the timing cover). It's real easy to get this mixed up and install the wrong seal in the wrong cover. don't make this mistake or you will have oil leaks' great, now what freaking seal am i supposed to use, my gasket set came with both. there are many more things like that. easy to read and gets you to think about all the stuff that needs to be done, but doesnt actually give you full instruction on how to do those tasks.
patrick October 11, 2011
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