Roush Axle Back Exhaust Stainless Steel GT 2011-2014

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Product Description

Roush Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust for 2011-2014 Mustang GTs.

This new axle back exhaust from Roush offers your brand new 5.0-liter Mustang a distinct and aggressive sound. This highly tuned system avoids the annoying in-cockpit boom, which can occur with competitive systems.

Constructed from 409 stainless steel, this axle back exhaust system features an exclusive open-chambered design that will not deteriorate over time, unlike conventional fiberglass roving material. Exhaust tips are made from 304 stainless steel and finished with a unique chrome flashing process.Chrome-flashing on tips provides heat resistance to color change.

Installation is quick, easy, and uses all factory hanger locations and pierce points. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary. All the hangers are chromed for superior appearance and corrosion resistance. New, high quality OE-spherical clamps are included in the kit.

-No negative impact on emission devices
-Hollow chamber yields higher airflow
-Fits both Ford factory and Roush rear valance

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Installation Instructions


Difficulty: Moderate

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Couldn't ask for a better exhaust
Amazing! Install took about an hour in my garage with basic tools and jack. Super quiet on the highway but if you haul on it the car really comes to life. Thanks Roush!
Justin October 17, 2014
Worth every penny and should be the first upgrade one gets for their Mustang GT. The car should come like this from the factory tbh. Did not think an A/B would increase the volume that much!!!! Just get it !
Dylan October 6, 2014
9 26 14
Sound awesome install easy best money spent quality finish
Jeff September 26, 2014
Great if this is your thing
The mufflers are definately a quality item. They installed super easy, they look awesome. If my GT vert was a Sunday car, these would be great. As a daily commuter, the volume and tone got on my nerves from the first ride. They sound harsh,theyre "look at me" loud and they just werent my thing. My 20+ kid and my nephews LOVED these.. Thats the diff... I swap on a set of Ford Racing mufflers and they were perfect. These are louder than you'd imagine hearing the video..
Kevin June 23, 2014
I just purchased these for my 2011 mustang GT 5.0 I installed them today and I am more than pleased they have a great sound to them and definitely give my car that mustang sound and they turn heads that for sure great upgrade my car car
Joseph April 26, 2014
ROUSH Amazing
Well after reading many reviews, I went with Roush all I have to say is the sound is AMAZING! Just what I was looking. Go with Roush you won't regret it!!! Thank you CJPonyparts!!
Cesar Ramos July 24, 2013
well spent money
If your looking for an axle back exhaust look no farther. I did a lot of research and Roush is the best bang for the buck. Went to CJ's and picked it up. Installed myself in about one hour. Fired it up and all I can say is I still can't get this stupid grin off my face. I fell in love with my 13 GT all over again. You can cruise along fairly quiet but drop the hammer and heads turn quick to see what that was...I love the sound, what the coyote was ment to sound like
Michael Johnson May 3, 2013
Great exhaust but even better service
I ordered this exhaust 12/30/12 at 1pm, exhaust was delivered next day at 9AM, unbelievable!! Exhaust sounds so good, no video on the internet does it justice! You have to hear it in person. I was researching exhausts for 2 months and I am glad i went with Roush. Very deep rumble at Idle, can barely hear them when cruising at around 2K RPM but downshift and all hell breaks loose. This what a muscle car should sound like out of the factory! Just so happy about this purchase. Thank you CJ Pony Parts for the extremely fast delivery and great service.
Admir January 1, 2013
Great System
Bought the Roush axle-back for my 13 GT. It is worth every penny. The system is as quiet as stock while cruising on the highway, but it is loud when you get on it.
Corey July 8, 2012
Great price!! Super fast shipping!!!
Picked up a 2013 GT last Wednesday ordered this axle back 10 P.M. that night, it was at my door by 3:30 P.M. on Friday, installed it last night. Only took me about an hour to swap it out. LOVE the sound, big weight difference too. Overall very happy with CJ Ponyparts service, and the Roush setup!!!
Mike June 3, 2012
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: For many Mustang owners a high-performance exhaust system is the first modification on the list. Besides the obvious performance gains, for many it's about getting that Mustang sound just right. What constitutes "just right" can be very subjective. Many of our customers agree, if you have a 2011-2014 Mustang the Roush Cat-Back is one of the best sounding systems out there. Today we are going to install this system on this 2011 Mustang GT.

The Roush system is completely made out of 409 stainless steel, includes these chrome rolled tips, and comes in an attractive price as well. All the hardware necessary for installation is included. The system is going to give you a nice, aggressive tone and a wide-open and throttle, yet have a nice non-droning sound for normal driving. For this installation you need jack and jack stands or lift, a 3/8 ratchet of impact gun, half-inch deep socket, 15-millimeter deep socket, flat-blade screwdriver, pry bar and safety glasses.

Once you get the back end of your car off the ground, the first step is to remove the factory mufflers. We're going to start by disconnecting the clamps located right here. All this can be done with hand tools, but we're going to use our cordless impact. We're going to remove the passenger side. At this point there is two ways you can get the mufflers off. You can remove the hanger bolts themselves and pull the whole assembly out, or you can unbolt these intermediate pipes, separate the two and then pull the muffler off. We're going to pull the intermediate pipes. Now we are going to separate the intermediate pipe. Now we are going to slide the muffler off the rear hanger. We're going to slide it back off the rear mounts. Now remove the other side in the exact same way.

Now we will install our new mufflers. Make sure you install them with the pipe going towards the inside of the car, hangers going towards the back. Now we will install on the rear hanger. Now we are ready to rehang the intermediate pipe. Let's start by putting the supplied clamp up into place. Now we'll put the intermediate pipe back on. It's a lot easier to put the clamp onto the intermediate and slide it up into place. Now we will line the intermediate up with our new Roush exhaust, clamp over, and tighten it down.

Now we will move on to the passenger side. Now I'll retighten the clamps from the intermediate to the H-pipe. We'll install the clamp onto the tip first, put the tip onto the muffler, and line it up, and then tighten it down. Now we'll install the passenger side in the same way. Line it up and then tighten it down. If you're finding your tip is too close to your valves like ours is here, then loosen the clamp that connects the muffler to the intermediate pipe and twist it outward for more clearance. Our installation is finished.

Our new exhaust looks great. We know most of you aren't buying it for looks, you're buying it for sound. Let's get it outside and see how it sounds. The Roush exhaust gave us a nice aggressive tone, still tame enough for daily driving. Installation should take you no more than an hour; you'll be back on the road in no time.