Deluxe Headlight Kit Smoked Ultra Clear With Amber Reflectors 1987-1993

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Replace any old or missing hardware and improve your lighting with upgraded replacement light bulbs.

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Product Description

Smoked Ultra Clear Deluxe Headlight Kit with Amber Reflectors for all 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs.

Get rid of your dull yellow headlights and give your Fox Body a whole new look with this 1987-1993 Smoked Ultra Clear Deluxe Headlight Kit with Amber Reflectors. This six piece headlight kit is a great way to change the look of your Mustang while upgrading safety.

After years of abuse from the sun, your headlights have probably become faded and yellow. Perhaps they have acquired scratches or they have been broken. If you're ready to upgrade and looking for something different, we have just the headlight kit for you. The lights in this kit are smoked with ultra clear lenses. Ultra clear lenses are diamond cut making them much sharper and clearer than the factory style lens. Marker lights have amber reflectors to keep your Mustang legal.

Standard headlight bulbs are included and the marker light and parking light housings accept your factory bulb and socket.

Kit Includes:
- Pair of Smoked Ultra Clear Headlights
- Pair of Smoked Ultra Clear Marker Lights with Amber Reflectors
- Pair of Smoked Ultra Clear Parking Lights
- Backing Plates
- Seals

Our Smoked Ultra Clear Deluxe Headlight Kit with Amber Reflectors is a great upgrade to give your 1987-1993 Mustang a modern appearance. The ultra clear lens allows more light through so you'll be able to see more at night. All assemblies pass DOT certification and SAE certification so you can be sure you're getting the best headlights available for your Mustang.

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Difficulty: Easy

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Product Reviews

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I was expecting it too change the look of my stang, but man its just so awesome now. The smoked headlights really brings out the grey in the paint and made it look like a totally different animal. I wish I had done this sooner. Well worth the coin!
mike September 19, 2014
I brought a set of these lights and love them, I missed aligned one of them drop it taking it out , my fault so I called looking to buy a replacement, spoke with Anthony , he had to speak with manger about some surplus they have around at times and found me one. I am so happy, a great business to buy from with great service.
Thank You.
Venicent March 14, 2014
great highlights
I am having my 1993 Mustang LX painted white and I have looked a long time for the perfect headlights. When I received these smoked ones I knew I had picked the right ones. I haven't had them put on yet, but they are perfect for my mustang. They are the most beautiful headlights and can't wait to put them on. CJ Ponyparts had everything on the lights to put them on. I was surprised at the quality and fast delivery. I will buy all my Mustang parts from these people and I have a lot more to buy from them.
Shirley Wilson July 31, 2013
Very Nice
These look great on my 88. I bought these because of the deep tint because I figured it would really make my Bright Orange 88 LX pop. It did exactly that. The only I don't like, which may be cause by my inexperience, is the rubber gaskets around the center headlight don't fit right or look right. I may have just put them in wrong ish...either way they still look great. Soon I'll put HIDs in.
z. Huff July 5, 2012
Looks AWESOME!!!
I just got these headlights, and put them in on the weekend. My 89 GT looks rough in its stock paint. I just call it the patina now lol, but these headlights really brighten up my Mustang! Now I think I need the smoke tail lights :)
Brimmer555 May 13, 2012
Best-looking lights EVER!!
I decided to buy a pair of these headlights for a red '93 and I am soooo glad I did. It 'MADE' the looks of the car!! Perfect, exact fit. Somewhat simple to install. If you are considering buying a set, do NOT hesitate. Greatest investment you will make!!
Jeff March 8, 2012
good looking headlights
These headlights look amazing in person. Recommend matching foglights for GT
Kasey February 8, 2012
Recommend HID Kit
Headlights are awesome!! Replaced my one-piece headlights(bought from American Muscle and started leaking moisture within one month) with these and installed a simple HID Kit in them and it looks really mean. Great quality and no moisture leaks!!!!
Joe Bailey August 27, 2011
They look great!
These headlights were easy to install and they look great!
Dillon June 4, 2011
They look good....
These lights look great and even better at night, But plan on upgrading the buld. I cant see nothing at night even running brights. Great looking lights thou, One thumb up.
Dusty May 31, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: If the headlights on your Fox Body Mustang look like this, it's time for a replacement. Not only does this look bad, it's a huge safety issue, as well, due to the decrease in light output. Thankfully, if you're modifying your Fox Body, or dare I say even restoring your Fox Body, this plan of headlight choice is available. We're doing this six piece ultra-clear set. We're just going to be installing on our 90 Mustang GT along with a matching set of clear fog lights.

Our six piece ultra-clear kit is going to install just like the factory lights but update the look due to the clear lenses with the diamond cut construction. The corner lights feature the amber reflector to keep you legal while the new headlights are going to include a new seal, new backing plate, as well as a new bulb.The fog lights are cut of the exact same material, so it's going to make them a perfect match for the headlights.

While not necessary for the installation, a jack and jack stands or lift will make it easier to access the fog light nuts. For this installation you will need a 3/8 ratchet, 15mm socket, 11mm wrench and safety glasses.

The first part of the installation is to remove the existing headlights from the car. The only tool necessary for this is going to be an 11mm wrench. You can do it with a standard wrench, but a ratcheting will make it a lot easier. If we disconnect the harnesses, it will give you a little more room to get your hands down inside there. There's going to be three nuts that hold the headlight on; two for the marker light and another two for the corner light. Then you want to make sure you keep all the retaining nuts for the new headlights.

While everything's out we'll give it a quick cleaning. Now we'll fish the bulbs and sockets up to the openings, and we're ready to install our new lights. This is a good time to check your bulbs and make sure your markers and your transistors are working properly while you have everything apart.

Now we're going to start installing our new lights. Install the bulb, then we'll line it up and we're ready to reinstall the nuts. If we're missing any nuts or just want new hardware, we do offer a complete set for mounting. Now we're going to install the parking light.

Now, our last step is to install our new headlight. You want to make sure the seal is nice and tight before you go to install it. The order you install the lights doesn't necessarily matter, but I've just found it's easier to do it as: the parking lights, marker lights, and then do the headlights last. Now you want to repeat the process on the other side.

Now we're going to remove the factory fog lights. First I'm going to disconnect the harness right here then remove this nut which holds the fog light to the bracket. You'll want to hold the fog light once you remove this, and then you slide it out from the front. You want to make sure this spacer here is sitting on the rounded end of the bracket so you can adjust the fog lights properly before you install it.

I'll fish the harness through the upper hole first then put our fog light. Again, make sure that bracket is straight, and we can put the nut on and tighten it down. The light can pivot so you'll want to hold it while you tighten this down. And the last step is to plug it in. Now you want to repeat the process on the other side and then we can test our lights.

Our new six piece headlights and fog lights look great and the increased light output is going to be a huge benefit at night. You want to make sure you aim your headlights properly before you head out on the road. Installation should take you around an hour and a half so you'll be back on the road in no time.