Classic Consoles Humphugger Cruiser Console Black Coupe/Fastback 1965-1970

Classic Consoles: HC6470CP-BLK
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Product Description

Classic Consoles Humphugger Cruiser Console for 1965-1970 Mustang Coupes and Fastbacks.

The Humphugger Cruiser console will fit onto the transmission hump while blending in with your interior like it was a factory option. No drilling or alterations required for installation. Simply place over the transmission hump and you are all set! The Humphugger Cruiser features a felt underside that will protect your carpet.

Made of factory color matched vinyl, this consoles features include an aluminum insert, a large storage compartment with flip-up padded armrest and two drink holders (Fits up to a 32oz. drink).

The newly redesigned 2012 Cruiser console has been retooled with the aluminum bezel plate being lowered so that it is closer to the carpet. This change creates a small open-storage compartment and allows the console to fit more tightly around the shifter assembly.

*Does not fit over OEM console.

Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

Product Reviews

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Nice idea, poor execution
It looks nice when outside the car. Fits ok but, as others have mentioned, not so great around the shifter (my car is a '68). The worst part is that the lid to the compartment is barely held on. I tried tightening the screws but it stripped out the wood with almost no effort. No problem, I thought, I'll put a bigger and longer screw stripped out before tightening as well. End result, it looks pretty good but the wooden frame that the vinyl is attached to is a POS. One other note, if you're using aftermarket seets (like the Procars that I have) it will restrict the movement forward. I can't knock for that though. I think the stock seats can travel fully still.
Anthony July 18, 2012
looks great BUT
the console was simple to install and looks great, but the small problem is my 69 fast back auto now will not shift into first because the T-BAR hits the block between the bezal and the compartment on the console, the console is fitted snug around the bezal and centred but i cannot move the consol back any more otherwise the console sits on the crome hump on the bezel on gear shift to get T-BAR into 1st gear, ( not that it needs 1st being an auto ) but still bugs me, i thought that the block that is there may be better 10 to 15mm shorter then the T-BAR might not hit it, O well it still looks great in my stang.
Rods 69 stang November 22, 2011
I love it! Fits perfectly and looks great! I installed it a couple of weeks ago and am still shocked at the change when I get in the car. The right arm support makes a large comfort difference as well. Make sure you order the console boot! I did, and it makes all the difference in world for looks. It hides the gap where the shifter sticks through. It's worth the few bucks! LOVE THIS CONSOLE!
Kimball M. September 8, 2011
You know there are alot of folks out there making parts for our Mustangs. We wouldn't spend the money if we didnt want it look good. I really like the initial presentation of the console, however, what an extreme disappointment when i installed it (which was real easy) and there was a big hole where there shifter is. I have a 1969 Coupe with an automatic tranny and it doesnt even look like it is supposed to be in this car. It matched the interior colors and looks nice. I woud rather return it and spend a little more to have one that fits.
Bubba September 7, 2011
Very Happy
Quality product, sits securely and hides flaws.
J and B August 19, 2011
Looks great but could look better.
I have to agree with Bryan on this. I have a '65 A-code Restomod that I have put one of these with in. it functions AMAZINGLY. However!, there is about a 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch gap inbtween the stainless trim on the console and the carpet/shifter bezel on the Automatics. I personally would not buy this console if you plan on keeping a factory style automatic setup. A manual setup or conversion with a nice wide SHIFTER BOOT 'should' make this piece look almost like it came from the factory. 'Keep 'em on the road!' Note from CJ's: 1965-1966 Mustangs have the smallest automatic shifter bezels, 67-68 and 69-70 Mustangs have larger bezels that will fill more of the shifter hole in the console.
Kris May 24, 2011
Great except for 1 part
I really like the way it is built it looks and matches interior perfect. The problem I have is that the opening where the shifter sits is completely open and shows through all the way to the carpet. Everyone that looks at the car says where is the piece for the shifter? It looks like it is missing a part around the shifter. I am looking at trying to make something that will look nice but they missed a big opportunity to make this unit look amazing. Other than that it is a very nice unit.
Bryan Hunt February 23, 2011
Looks Great
Looks perfect and matches my black interior, I now have a place to put drinks instead of putting them on the floor or seat.
Mr. J December 17, 2010
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