Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017

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Add the matching Manual or Automatic Shift Boot and Parking Brake Boot to your order to complete the set.
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Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017
Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017 Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017 Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017 Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017 Play Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017 Video 1

Product Description

Charcoal with Silver Stitching Alcantara Console Lid Cover for all 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mustangs.

Now is the time to add some much needed style to your center console lid or armrest and make your S550 really stand out from the crowd. The Charcoal with Silver Stitching Alcantara Console Lid Cover for your 2015-2017 Mustang will achieve an original look that most people are going for!

This beautiful Alcantara interior piece is designed to match perfectly to the very popular GT350 steering wheel, but will also be right at home in any 2015-2017 Mustang. The Charcoal Alcantara with Silver stitching will go great with the other available pieces at CJ Pony Parts. We currently offer a matching Manual Shift Boot (P/N: MSB23), Automatic Shift Boot (P/N: ASB2) and Parking Brake Boot (P/N: PBB3), all of which are available separately. These available components will truly add a sporty look and feel to the interior of any 2015-2017 Mustang.

Features and Benefits:
- Durable Heavy-weight Charcoal Alcantara
- UV-stable Silver Stitching for Prolonged Longevity
- 100% Handmade for a OE Fit and Finish
- Designed to be a Do-It-Yourself Modification
- Installation Instructions are Available
- Includes New Console Padding
- Made in the USA

*Identical match to the Charcoal Alcantara and Silver stitching found on the GT350 Steering Wheel, P/N: STW60.

Tech Tip: Alcantara products tend to attract dust over time so quick wipes with a damp microfiber cloth will help keep them clean.

All of the Alcantara Interior pieces that we offer are manufactured and designed right here in the USA using heavy-weight Alcantara Suede and OEM matched UV-Stable thread for the stitching. Installation instructions for all of the available parts are linked in each product page along with our installation videos. If you are looking for a similar part to match the GT350R Steering Wheel, see P/N: CONLC1. But if you are interested in a complete solution in this color scheme for your 2015-2016 Mustang, see P/N: ITK26 for a Manual Transmission Kit or P/N: ITK28 for an Automatic Transmission Kit.

Please Note: These are NOT complete replacement assemblies, this is replacement upholstery for your existing material and does NOT include new frames or trim. Installation will require you to disassemble your factory components and use spray/brush-on adhesive and/or staples for installation. Even though this is something you can install yourself, for the best possible result - PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Order this Charcoal with Silver Stitching Alcantara Console Lid Cover for your 2015, 2016 or 2017 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

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Product Video

Console Lid Cover Alcantara Charcoal With Silver Stitching 2015-2017 Video Transcript
By Bill Tumas: We've done a lot of videos showing you how to install parts from GT350 on regular 2015 through 2015 Mustangs. Without a doubt one of the most popular parts has been the GT350 Alcantara steering wheel. Whether you prefer the red stitching of the R or the silver stitching of the standard wheel, these Alcantara wheels make an excellent upgrade for any 2015 through 2016 Mustang. If you love the feel of the Alcantara or would like to add more, today we're going to show you how to install these custom Alcantara console lid covers.

We're going to show you several different upgrades for your interior using Alcantara suede, but the first is going to be these console lid covers. They're available in two different versions, we have a darker version with red stitching which will match your R wheel and then a slightly lighter version with silver stitching to match the standard GT350 wheel.

The Alcantara suede comes pre-cut to fit your console lid and it includes new foam as well. Thankfully, it's not going to glue over your factory console lid. You're actually going to take the lid apart, remove the factory material, and replace it with this which will give it a nice OEM look when it's finished.

For this installation you'll need a plastic pry bar, T-20 torx bit, sharp knife or flathead screwdriver, a small set of needle-nose pliers, scissors or a razor blade, adhesive or pneumatic stapler.

The first step of the installation process is to remove the console lid so we do the installation outside of the vehicle. First thing you want to do in the installation is remove this trim panel so you can get to the screws to remove the lid from the car. To do that, get a small plastic pry bar, just pry from the top here and it'll come right off. Now to remove the console lid, there's four T-20 torx screws to remove from the hinge. One you have the screws out, there's one small electrical connector you have to remove. It's a clip right underneath the bottom, pull up and remove the lid.

With the console lid off the car, the first step here is to remove the release mechanism to give us more room to get the material inside here. It's held on by these two T-20 torx screws. Put that aside. Now comes probably the most tedious part of the installation, the factory cover is held on by all of these staples so all those staples have to be removed before we can install our new cover. Using a knife, a small flatblade screwdriver, basically get underneath them and pop them up. If they get stuck, a small pair of needle nose and just pop them right out.

Since we have a black and red theme to our 2015 GT R, we going to go with the black and red style console lid cover. At this point you're going to need some adhesive, some sort of a general automotive trim adhesive. 3M stuff will work great, headliner glue's going to work fine. Any of these will work okay. In our case, we're going to use the headliner glue. It's a little easier not to make a mess with it. The general trim adhesive will do the job. You got to be very careful when spraying it because if we get any kind of adhesive on the Alcantara itself, you're never going to get it off.

The first step of the process here is to glue the foam to the actual console lid. Make sure this piece here, it does come off, make sure this stays on. You will need this. It just won't look right without it. What you want to do, there's two sides to the foam, there's the actual foam side and there's the cloth side. The glue goes on the cloth side. What we're going to do is put some on here, put some on here and put some on here as well and let it set up, let it get sticky. If you put it on wet, it's not going to hold right. You got to get a little tackiness to it and then put it on. We going to spread some all over here. Make sure we get it down on the edges here. Want to make sure the foam actually to the console lid and not just this pad in the middle. Let's get a little tacky, center this over the foam and I'll let that dry.

Once you've given it adequate time to dry and set up, now what we're going to do is we're going to trim the foam basically right along the edge of the lid. Use a razor blade, scissors, whatever you have handy. You want to make sure you have a clean surface to work on, no glue, not contaminants, nothing like that. Put the Alcantara face down. We'll grab our lid, start lining it up. If you look you'll see this little notch in the front and a matching notch in the back. You want to make sure the stitched area lines up with that on the front and the back. That way we'll know everything is centered.

Here you have two options. The original is held on by staples. If you happen to have the pneumatic stapler and access to those small staples, then you can staple it just like the factory was. I'm going to assume most people watching this video probably don't have that tool in their tool box, so you also use another option, you can glue it and that's what we're going to do here. What you want to do, same kind of process as before, we're going to put glue in this whole edge in here where our Alcantara's going to stick to and we're also going to put it on the edge of the Alcantara material itself. Again, we're going to let it get a little tacky before we stick it in place. You want to be really, really careful with this step. You want to make sure, again, that the glue stays in the inside here. You want to make sure you only get it on the edge of our new material. If you get it on the outside of the suede, you'll never get it off.

Just work your way around it slowly. Make sure you keep it tight. Keep tension on it at all times. You may find yourself that you have to use a little bit extra glue. You'll start pushing and you'll notice the glue will start drying a little bit, set up a little bit better. If it's feeling a little loose in the corners here, don't worry about it too much because the cover plate will cover it.

We're going to reinstall the release. Make sure you have the spring seated properly and it goes in the factory location here. We can re-bolt that back down. We're ready to put it back in the car. Putting the lid back in, don't forget to plug in the small electrical connector on the side here. The last step, we're going reinstall the trim panel and your installation's finished.

The Alcantara console lid looks great in our 2015 Mustang GT. As you can see, we paired it up with a matching parking brake boot, the shift boot, along with the original GT350R steering wheel and a few other GT350R parts that give it really nice custom look. The whole package looks great together and really transforms the interior. As far as the installation, if I had to do it again, I say use the 3M spray adhesive. It's a little bit easier to use than the stuff I went with, but overall I figure about two hours, be back on the road in no time.