Scott Drake Cowl Cover 1965-1966

Scott Drake: ACC-16741-65

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Product Description

Scott Drake Cowl Cover for 1965-1966 Mustangs.

Great addition to your newly restored Mustang! Eliminate water, dirt and leaves from entering through the cowl vent. This helps prevent rusty cowls and soggy carpet that can lead to rusty floors.

The low-profile design cowl cover simply sits on top of the cowl vent grille. It mounts by pressing and twisting the spring loaded tabs down through the vent bars. This cover can be easily installed or removed in minutes.

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So So
The rubber seals/grommets that hold it in place moved out of position and would leak in a good rain. Keeps leaves and junk out of the cowl vent for sure. Too much pressure from the foam as it is too thick. I removed the foam, cut and fit similar width double tape and glued rubberized magnets (best to buy a sign magnet big enough and trace it like when creating your own head gasket old school). Now it holds via magnet to the paint w/o damage. Cover the grommets with small acrylic pieces.
Carlos September 30, 2014
needs stronger rubber washers
My only complaint is that the first time I used it the rubber seals/grommets that hold it in place moved out of position and would leak in a good rain. Does what I wanted otherwise, keeps leaves and junk out of the cowl vent.
Jim September 10, 2014
I bought on and cut it down to fit my 61 Studebaker.
It works very well to keep water out and now I have dry floors when it rains.
Sam August 31, 2014
As of now, 5 Stars!
At first glance, it comes in a HUGE box for its size.

The build quality is what you would expect, but sturdy and reliable.

Locks on and sits proper, no complaints.

Good purchase for my 66' Coupe
John August 29, 2014
My car is in need of a cowl repair. Bought this as a temporary solution. It's rained hard on it many times and hasn't leaked at all. Easy install. Take your time and you won't scratch a thing.
Chance June 25, 2014
My cover I bought some years ago is fine, but I do not use it with the clips so it cannot chip the paint and bend the metal. Just lay it over cowl when washing and raining but I don't drive with it on or drive car in rain if possible. If not have it fixed fast. can cost over a thousand easily if rusted out and plugged too repair.
steve galantiere August 15, 2013
The Fix
I purchased the cover to protect from water, leaves and dirt. When I received it, looked great. Went to install it, had a hard time, chipped paint, not good. So much pressure to set the T bolts it buckled the glass. Not happy at this point. The gasket seems to much, 1/4 inch. The Fix: Get 3 brand new razor blades, slice the gasket down to 1/8 inch, 2 cuts, 6-8 inches at a time. In Half. Re-install. Fits nice, looks good, and works now.
March 16, 2012
What a Let Down
When we first received the cowl cover it looked great and has 4 pressure point instead of other makers 3. Fit was fine however the installation and removal is quite cumbersome as it requites a flat blade screw driver or coin to lock it in place. With only the third installation it no longer seals properly and allows the water from a light rain to flood into the cowl. If you just want to block air flow via the cowl this will work but if you are trying to keep water from flooding into the car via the cowl vents I highly recommend you look for another model by a different vendor for both functionality and getting the job done. I paid for this experience now hopefully this review will save others the time, money, headache and aggravation.
Oreo July 25, 2011
Be careful.
The covers are well made and keep water out, but they will fade your paint if left on for extended periods. I left mine on for about a week and the paint under the sealing surface was faded out. I had to use rubbing compound to bring the paint back. The paint is only 2 months old, Dupont base/clear.
Jason Parker February 2, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We're here with a Cowl Cover from Scott Drake for your 1964-1966 Mustang. The Cowl Cover is going to keep water out of your Cowl area, which commonly leads to rust. Whether you have already replaced your Cowl or it's already leaking, this is an excellent choice to keep water out.

Cowl Cover is made out of a thick, weather resistant plastic, has a nice heavy foam surround and is held in place by these four spring clips. The Cowl Cover is easy enough to install and you can even put it on the car when you are washing it.

What you do is lay it in place over the Cowl, line up the ends, grab a quarter, push down, and turn them into place. The Cowl Cover is going to fit tightly over your Cowl keeping moisture out. It's an inexpensive option to avoid costly future repairs.