CPC Battery/Master Cylinder Cover Kit V6/GT 2005-2014

California Pony Cars: ENG-058-609
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CPC Battery/Master Cylinder Cover Kit V6/GT 2005-2014
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Product Description

California Pony Cars Battery and Master Cylinder Cover Kit for all 2005-2014 V6 and GT Mustangs.

Hide your battery and master cylinder with these sleek OEM looking covers. This is a great underhood addition to your 2005-2014 V6 or GT Mustang.

These covers attach to the front of the cowl, each using two of the "factory" plastic clips that fasten the cowl to the firewall. Made from injection molded black plastic to perfectly match other factory under hood components.

*Does NOT fit all hood strut kits. Will work with CPC and Redline struts.
*Requires trimming when using Redline struts.
*To fit GT500 models, some hand trimming is required to provide clearance around the throttle body, otherwise it fits perfectly.

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Great Product
The engine compartment of the Mustang V6 lacks the look - these two items adds to the look I wanted, and cleans up the engine bay. They were easy to install. They were delivered within a week, thanks CJ Pony for making these available
Mustang Ray October 15, 2014
GT500: more than trimming!
The info says a little trimming for the GT500 - it does require trimming around the throttle area. The biggest job was reworking the outside edge on both covers to keep my stock hood from making contact. I had to remove so much plastic that I ended up buying bumper repair compound and building up the underside only to remove almost all of the original plastic on the outside edges. "Minor trimming required" is a HUGE understatement.
Goose17 January 31, 2014
Nice battery covers
The battery covers are very nice, for what they are. I had mine painted to match and they are really sharp. Only problem is the fasteners. The ones provided are pretty much worthless. Provide a longer type of fastener and they will be great. Like any specialty item, they are pricey, but if you want it, you'll pay the same as me. Overall, they're a good product.
D. Schley July 7, 2011
battery and master cylinder cover
Covers are nice and do the job, easy installation except for the fasteners they give you, they need to be longer once you get that fixed (going out and buy different fasteners) it's a piece of cake they also could be a little less expensive, they are only molded plastic.Cleans engine compartment up nicely..plaint them if you like.
Frank B. April 27, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We're here with a Master Cylinder and Battery Cover from California Pony Cars. The cover's going to mount using factory mounting holes with the supplied hardware. It will fit your 2005-2014 Mustang GT and V6. It can also fit your GT 500, but will require minor trimming for the throttle body. The covers work with both CPC's and MRT's hood strut kits. If you're running the Redline hood struts, they will work, but will require minor trimming on the sides.