Differential Cover/Girdle Aluminum Scott Drake 8.8"

Scott Drake: 5R3Z-4033-B

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Product Description

Scott Drake Aluminum Rear Axle Differential Girdle for All Mustangs with an 8.8" Rear Axle.

This aluminum Differential Girdle features beefy construction to help keep your rear axle housing from distorting. Load bolts keep main differential caps from walking or distorting. Fill plug on girdle saves the hassle of filling from front of rear axle and features a magnetic drain plug. Slim design allows for clearing of most panhard bars.

Includes all necessary hardware to install except gasket.

*Fits all 1985-2014 V8 and 2011-2014 V6. Does not fit 1999-2004 Cobra with IRS.

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Nice cover, leaks through drain plug.
I bought this cover for my 08 mustang, the fit is great, look is pretty nice. I have no complaints about the cover itself, but I do have to complain about the quality of the drain plug. Now I would never suspect a drain plug of being a problem, but this one has a hole straight through it with a magnet cheaply affixed to the back side. As soon as I filled the diff with fluid, it started to leak out of the center, yes the center of the plug where the Recess is for the Allen key. This is just a pain in the rump, having to drain the new fluid out to replace the plug with a simple pipe plug of the same size/length, and refill it again. As a company (drake) that I assume would like to have a good reputation, why not change out the drain plug or at the very least let the customer know to change it before the install? Happy with the service from cj's, shipped pretty fast, no complains there. this is a quality cover, just REPLACE THE DRAIN PLUG before installing it
Justin April 3, 2014
Good price, looks good but leaks
I've read reviews about these leaking on another site due to the bolts being to long but mine leaked out the fill plug. The shop said the threads on the fill plug allowed fluid to pass through so they had to put some teflon tape to prevent it from leaking.
Josh March 24, 2012
Highly Recommended
I installed this on a 2011 V6 Mustang. It fit with my aftermarket panhard bar without relocation. The Drake cover looks good and is much more sturdy than the stock cover. I also like the axle bearing cap screws. I plan to make some hard launches at the drag strip. I am very happy with the Drake unit. Plus the price is right!
SC Kona Blue March 1, 2012
Nice Piece, fits stock Panhard bar location
Yes, this fits under the stock location of the panhard bar. Most of the diff covers for the S197 I've seen have required a bar relocator to clear the machined cover. As far as functionality goes, it holds oil and looks cool... I don't usually launch the car hard but it is a great piece of mind to have the support. Fill and drain plugs are a bonus.
JayP August 21, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We're here with Drake Muscle Cars 8.8-inch Differential Girdle. The Differential Girdle is an excellent upgrade for your street or race car, or pretty much any Mustang using an 8.8-inch solid rear-axle assembly. The Differential Girdle features beefy, cast-aluminum construction to keep the housing from deflecting under load. It has a fill plug in the top and a magnetic drain plug at the bottom. The center section is nice and low-profile, so there's no issues with clearance with a panhard bar. It also includes these main support caps. They thread through the girdle and put pressure on the caps to keep them from deflecting under load as well.

Scott Drake includes all hardware needed for installation. We recommend using RTV sealant in place of gasket when installing the Differential Girdle. We found it gives you a much better seal. This girdle's going to fit any '86 through a current Mustang, with the exception of the '99 through '04 Cobra.