Dynacorn Full Floor Pan One-Piece Manual Transmission Coupe/Hatchback 1979-1993

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Product Description

Dynacorn Full One-Piece Floor Pan for 1979-1993 Mustang Coupes or Hatchbacks with a Manual Transmission.

This is a premium, correctly stamped heavy gauge steel floor pan that measures approximately 52" wide by 52.75" long. Features a reinforced rear seat mounting plate.

*This floor pan can be modified to fit 1979-1993 manual transmission convertible Mustangs with minor trimming.
*Will NOT fit automatic transmission Mustangs (use part number 3648XA).

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By Bill Tumas: If you're a Mustang enthusiast like me, chances are at one point you've probably owned a Fox Body Mustang. These cars are still so popular today; it's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since the last one rolled off the assembly line. It still seems like yesterday I picked up my brand new '91 GT, but, let's face it, these days, these are classic cars, and like many classics, many are in need of restoration.

Mustangs have always had a problem with rust in the floors. The Fox Bodies are no exception. Thankfully Dynacorn has this covered with these one piece floor pans available for both manual and automatic equipped cars.

Both floor pans are going to be identical with the exception of the transmission tunnel area. The manual comes pre-cut out with the holes already drilled for your top boot. The automatic has no hole whatsoever allowing you to mount the stock shifter or an aftermarket shifter in any location you would like.

The pans feature original style stamping with all the factory holes already predrilled. Your E-brake bracket, as well as the threaded nuts, are already installed. You also have the threads for your seatbelts already installed in the panel. Over here is an additional brace in the rear seat bolt area, which is a common failure in Fox Body Mustangs.

On the bottom of the pan you can see the reinforcements for your seat bolts, as well as reinforced plates for your seatbelt bolts. You can also see your E-brake bracket, as well as a bracket for the cable.

I pulled this slightly used '85 Mustang out of our salvage yard to show you how an original floor pan is going to compare to the new Dynacorn floor pan. Although this pony's been put out to pasture a long time ago, it's a good example of the typical rust spots that are found in the Fox Body Mustangs.

The rocker area is very prone to rust in the early Mustangs, more so on the convertibles. See ours is completely rusted out in this area. That rust can continue front and back to the rear seat pan. Ford uses sound deadening material on a lot of the Fox Body floor pans. While it did a good job keeping sound out, it also kept water in. A lot of times when you pull back these pieces you're going to see heavy rust underneath them.

The seat platform here is the only piece you're going to need from your original floor to transfer to your Dynacorn Floor pan. Thankfully, as you can tell, on our heavily rusted convertible, this is in excellent condition. These parts rarely go bad, one of the reasons Dynacorn doesn't include them. The E-brake bracket and the mounting tabs, as well as the studs for the seatbelt and the same things on both rear floor pans are reproduced perfectly on the new Dynacorn piece.

The same holds true for the transmission tunnel. All the stampings both in the tunnel and the front floor pans are all exactly the same as they are on the Dynacorn. This car was originally an automatic so it has the hole cut out for the shifter. The shifter surface mounts to the top so the hole really isn't necessary. That's one of the reasons Dynacorn doesn't provide it, it allows you to move the shifter wherever you would like.

Dynacorn designs these floor pans to fit both the coupe and hatchback models. If you have a convertible you can trim this edge off here so it'll work as well. If you looking to restore your Mustang back to original or your street or race car needs a new floor pan, check out these one piece pans from Dynacorn.