Eastwood Fender Finisher

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Eastwood Fender Finisher

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Eastwood Fender Finisher Tool.

Need to reduce wheel rub on a lowered front end or accommodate for large wheel/tire combos? Eastwood's Fender Finisher tool is the easiest way to gently alter factory edges. No need for a lift, use it right in your garage or driveway. The Fender Finisher is used to roll the inner sheet metal lip of the front fenders to gain more clearance when going to a larger size wheel and tire combination or lowering the vehicle. This rolls the sharp inner edge of the fender which can cut into a tire. In addition, the Fender Finisher can be used for many other gentle metal forming tasks such as crimping door skins in place, straightening bent edges and more.

When rolling your fenders, remember that steps must be taken to ensure paint is not damaged. The use of a heat gun will greatly reduce the chance of paint cracking by allowing it to soften and flex with the metal. Heat the paint between 120° and 150° and begin using the Fender Finisher. Start in the middle of the area that must be rolled and slowly work outwards, overlapping and only reforming the lip a little at a time. Less is more when rolling fenders. Multiple passes with a small amount of metal forming are better than one "do it all" pass which will help avoid cracking paint.

Eastwood manufactures the Fender Finisher from stamped steel. Molded hand grips provide comfort while the rest of the tool has a durable powder coated finish. Replaceable rubber pads grip the fender but will not damage painted surfaces. Two extra rubber pads are included with the tool. With a weight of 2-1/2 pounds and a length of 12", the Fender Finisher is quite easy to handle.

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