Edlebrock Pro-Flo 2 EFI Conversion Kit 351W

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Product Description

Edelbrock Pro-Flo 2 EFI Conversion Kit for 351W Engines.

These Edelbrock Pro-Flo2 (Pro-Flo second generation) systems are complete fully-sequential EFI systems with all-new, powerful electronics packages that include everything you need to convert a carbureted engine to a modern fuel injection system. Starting with a new flash-programmable engine control unit (ECU) powered by EFI technology, a leader in advanced electronic engine management and monitoring systems, the Pro-Flo2 systems allow for moreuning features, fully sequential injector firing, and limitless calibrations in a compact package. The Pro-Flo2s include a new software package with a graphic user interface that is user-friendly and has an updated look. Additional software features inclde Edelbrock's exclusive hand-held calibration module (for tuning without a laptop), and new for the Pro-Flo2s is the option to laptop-tune--this gives you the best of both worlds! Two tuning strategies include speed density (engine speed vs. manifold abolute pressure) and alpha-N (engine speed vs. throttle position). A narrow-band O2 sensor is included, but the Pro-Flo2s are wide-band 02 compatible.

The complete packages include:

-Intake manifold
-Throttle body assembly
-Fuel rails
-Fuel injecors
-All sensors
-Wiring harness
-Hand-held calibration module
-Attaching hardware

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: If you're into cars, chances are, you've probably owned an Edelbrock product at some point. This iconic brand has been around for over 75 years, making everything from carburetors to superchargers. Today, we have Cary, the national sales manager from Edelbrock, here to tell us about the product and the company. Cary, thanks for coming.

Cary: Hi Bill, how are you today? Thanks for having me.

Bill: Sure. Tell us a little bit about Edelbrock.

Cary: Edelbrock has been around since 1938. It was founded out from Vic Edelbrock in Southern California. Back in the day, he started out in midget racing. From there, he expanded on to the Ford Flatheads. One of the first manifolds that he actually created was a slingshot. It's interesting because all it really was, was two- barrel manifold or two-barrel carburetors that funneled down into one base manifold and it looked just like a sling shot. We offer many domestic based products for many applications but really, we have a good coverage of Ford products as well.

Bill: You guys are known for your manifolds, your carburetors. What other product lines that Edelbrock offer?

Cary: We offer very diverse product mix from fuel pumps to carburetors to accessories and those would include air cleaners and valve covers and breathers and those types of things, but really, on the old school stuff, that's where that comes into play. On the modern muscle side of things, we have superchargers. So, when you really want to turn up the wick and get your modern Mustang to move into the future, we can fix you up there as well.

Bill: I know almost all of your products have this amazing USA right in the front here. Is that true for everything you guys make?

Cary: For 95% of the products we make, absolutely. It's made in the USA between Southern California and in Sanford, North Carolina. All of our carburetors are made in Sanford, North California. All of our aluminum products are actually made out in Southern California. We have our own foundry, where we cast all of our own aluminum products. We have our own machining center, warehousing center, where we stock everything in that regard.

There are some of those items that are cold-sensitive type items that refer into air cleaners and such chrome based type products. We make sure on those items that we do not make here in the States that we absolutely quality inspect every item 100%, to make sure that you're getting a quality product from Edelbrock.

Bill: Excellent. What kind of new products you have coming down the pipe?

Cary: New products that we have coming down the pipe really revolve around our E-Force Supercharger Kit for the Mustang. We actually have figured out that horsepower levels are not what they used to be. A 500-horsepower kit used to be the number. That's what everybody wants.

Bill: That's standard.

Cary: That's standard protocol. But now, everybody wants more. We're actually coming out with the Stage 2 kit for our E-Force that's actually going to allow you to have a higher horsepower version. It's not going to be 50-Statel legal, but it will give you that extra kick in the pants that will really compete with some of the other competitors that are out there, and that's on the new side.

On the old side, we actually have a E-Street EFI Kit that has a self-learn style, throttle body injection that you replace your carburetor with, to give you a better startup, drivability and mileage increase.

Bill: Excellent. Thanks for taking the time to visit, we appreciate it.

Cary: I appreciate it.