Headlight Assembly Reproduction Smoked 1999-2004

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Pick up these headlight bulbs for a bright, white light that really illuminates the road for you!

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Product Description

Smoked Reproduction Headlight Assembly for all 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Mustangs.

Replace and upgrade your gross, yellow and faded old or original headlights with this fantastic new direct replacement available at CJ Pony Parts now. Not only do fogged out, faded and discolored headlights look awful, but in reality, they’re a safety hazard! This complete Smoked Reproduction Headlight Assembly sports the 2001-2004 smoked style lens, making this a popular upgrade for 1999-2000 Mustangs, which sported the clear style headlights. These lights will give you a crisper and brighter field of vision and provide your Mustang with an intimidating, aggressive new appearance that you’ll love and your friends and competitors alike will envy!

The headlight and marker light are a unique, one-piece design guaranteed to improve the look of your Mustang. This assembly is available to order as a single driver or passenger side replacement, or as a pair to replace both sides simultaneously and is direct replacement that installs easily and quickly. If you feel like the front end of your 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004 Mustang could use a little something extra, this assembly is a distinctive way to achieve a mysterious, menacing look that is one of a kind!

*Headlight bulbs NOT included.

Get your Smoked Reproduction Headlight Assembly from CJ Pony Parts and revamp the front end of your Mustang ditching those old and faded lights that just make your whole vehicle look bad. These lights will give you a crisper and brighter field of vision and provide your Mustang with an intimidating, aggressive new appearance that you’ll love and your friends and competitors alike will envy! Place your order now and you’ll be more than pleased with the fierce, unforgettable look you’ll get on your 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004 Mustang!

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Difficulty: Easy

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Product Reviews

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These look awesome, especially if upgrading!! Clear lenses but totally smoked looking!!!!! And affordable!!!!!!
Terry November 20, 2014
Excellent product
I have a 2003 GT and the headlight lens were so worn by the UV and age. I tried all types of repair.
Wish I had gottten this option first. So easy to install and they really changed the appearance for the better.
Couldn't be more pleased
Lyle July 27, 2014
Headlights arrived on time. Switched them both out in less than 30 minutes and they look awesome. This was the lowest price I found on the lights and will definitely purchase additional parts from CJPony.
Steve June 15, 2014
Great Experience
Product received within a few days. Headlights switched out in 10 minutes time - look great, work great. Lowest price i found. Would order parts from CJ Pony again.
Melanie June 6, 2014
What a nice addition to my 99 yellow convertable,only took 10 mins to install and had all the bulbs,shipping to canada was quick,,,would recomend to anyone..
Rick May 29, 2014
Headlight install
Quick and easy install.
Charles Taylor April 30, 2013
My wifes 03 Mustang sits outside everyday and the headlights really got bad, I showed her this set on the website and she agreed they looked good. When they arrived, I sealed the seams and Installed them. They fit perfect and the wife loves the way look.
John Childers August 1, 2012
Works great
I bought these to replace the fogged-out lights on my 155,000 mile 2000 GT and they did not disappoint. The new lights came with headlight bulbs, a pleasant surprise (I had to swap over the marker light/blinkers, which was easy). I did look around at reviews elsewhere online and most sellers recommend you add some silicone to the seam where the housings meet, which took about an hour to do. Installation was a snap, the car looks a lot nicer, and I can see much better at night now (and pass inspection!). They are not 100% exact reproductions, but they still fit well and look great.
Scott October 18, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: In 1987, Ford started making the headlights for the Mustang out of plastic. While these looked great when they were brand new, over time they're prone to yellowing and fading, not only making them ugly to look at but, in some cases, making them a safety issue due to the decrease in light output. The '99 through '04 tended to be the worst. This large lens would yellow easily. Replacing these headlights in your car is not only going to freshen the look of your car, it's also going to increase your visibility. There are many different options available for the '99 through '04, and, as we're going to show you, they're very simple to install.

These are going to be your factory style lights. For the '99 through 2000 Mustang, they use this chrome surrounding the headlight. In 2001, they switched to this black surround giving it a smoked appearance making this a very popular replacement light. Over here, we have more custom headlights. This is a completely smoked light featuring either a clear corner or an amber corner. This is our projector light. This is available with or without halos and is available in the smoked finish as well as an ultra clear finish. All of these headlights are going to be direct replacements for your 1999 through 2004 Mustang. They're going to accept your factory headlight bulb, your factory corner light bulb, have the factory style mounting tabs as well as factory angle adjusters.

We're going to be installing a set of our dark smoke headlights on this 2003 Mustang GT. While not as bad as some of the ones we've come across in the past, you can still see yellowing and fading beginning in the center of these lights here, condensation on the sides from a crack right in the corner here, and the weatherstrip's all dry rotted and cracked. It's definitely time for some new headlights. This installation shouldn't require any tools. To remove your headlight, you simply pull up on these two tabs to release it. Sometimes it can be a little tight and may require a screwdriver. Most times, you can get them out by hand. Now we can remove our headlight. I'm just going to pull it straight out. Disconnect the headlight bulb and you can twist and disconnect your corner light socket, put the old headlight aside.

You'll need to reuse your factory headlight bulb unless you're replacing it. To do that, you simply turn this counterclockwise, slide the sleeve off, and remove the bulb. Now you want to line up the tabs and install the original bulb in the new headlight housing, put the ring back on, turn it clockwise to tighten it. Now we'll reinstall the two mounts. You might find they're a little tighter than they were when you took them out. That's perfectly normal. Press against the light, line it up, and push it down. Now you want to repeat the process on the other side.

It's amazing how a simple headlight look complete changed the look of our Mustang. Our smoked lights fit just like the factory ones do but give the car a nice sinister look. Installation's going to take you no more than about 15-20 minutes, so you'll be back on the road in no time.