Intermittent Wiper Switch Module 1967-1973

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Intermittent Wiper Switch Module 1967-1973
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Product Description

Intermittent Wiper Switch Module for all 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mustangs.

1967-1973 Mustangs come from the factory with a two-speed wiper motor. Unlike newer cars, there are no intermittent settings. This intermittent wiper switch module includes three delay settings in addition to Ford's slow and fast selections. Now you will be able to choose between an eight second delay, a five second delay, a three second delay or the two standard factory Ford settings. This kit utilizes the stock two speed wiper switch and motor for retaining an original stock appearance. Simply mount the included module behind the dash and wire it between the switch and harness. Now you can wipe the window of early morning mist or light rainfall without your car looking like it is trying to handle hurricane weather. As a side effect, this will limit run time of the wiper motor to increase life expectancy.

Kit Includes:
- Controller unit with harness
- Orange wire assembly
- Small crimp ring
- Two zip ties

Technical Specifications:
- 2" x 1-1/2" x 1" plastic enclosure with mounting tabs
- Internal 7-1/2 amp resettable fuse
- Three delay periods: one swipe every 8 seconds, once every 5 seconds and once every 3 seconds
- Fully potted
- 12" long 18 gauge wires
- Microprocessor controlled
- Simple installation
- Made in the USA

Please Note: Listed below is a set of instructions, Set 1 is for 1967-1968 Mustangs and Set 2 is for 1969-1973 Mustangs.

Although the switch only has three positions, this module allows you to have an "off" and five different wiper speeds. The position of the switch for "off" and the fastest speed will stay the same. However, the center switch position now houses three intermittent speeds and the factory slow speed. When the switch is moved from off to the center position, the eight second delay is selected. To select the five second delay, move the switch to the right then back to the center selection. To move to the three second delay, perform the same action. Select Ford's slow setting by performing the same action once again. To move backwards from the slow setting to the three second delay, move the switch to the off position and right back to the center position.

The settings can be described as rungs of a ladder. Each rung is a delay setting or wiper speed. The lowest rung of the ladder is the longest delay (once every eight seconds). The next rung up is the next shorter delay (once every five seconds). The third rung up is the shortest delay (once every three seconds) and the fourth rung is the continuous slow speed. Each time you briefly move the switch from the center position to the right (fast position) and back to the center position, you move up a rung. Every time you briefly move the switch from the center position to the left (off) and back to the center position, you move down a rung. Instantly move up to the top of the ladder by leaving the switch in the fast setting and instantly turn the switch off by leaving it in the off position.

Note: This Intermittent Wiper Switch Module will work with any 2 speed wiper switch.

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By Bill Tumas: We're here with an intermittent wiper module fitting all '67 and '68 Mustangs. This module will splice into the factory wiring on your '67 or '68 Mustang and convert your factory two speed wiper to an intermittent design. It will still have the factory low and high speeds, along with a three, five, and eight second delay option. This module's a great way to add the modern technology of intermittent wipers, to your '67-'68 Mustang.