MBRP Long Tube Headers 1-7/8" Pro Series Stainless Steel with 3" Collectors GT 2011-2014

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MBRP Long Tube Headers 1-7/8" Pro Series Stainless Steel with 3" Collectors GT 2011-2014
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Product Description

MBRP Pro Series Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers with 1-7/8" Primaries and 3" Collectors for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 GT Mustangs.

Long tube headers provide serious horsepower gains when installed on the new 5.0L engine. MBRP long tubes are the ultimate in bolt-on exhaust and provide a rich exhaust tone and incredible power gains over stock. If you already have nitrous, a supercharger or aftermarket camshafts then this is a "must have". 3/8" laser cut flanges fit perfectly and resist warping due to their thickness. 1-7/8" primary tubes flow tremendous amounts of air to support forced induction or high lift camshafts. 3" merge style spike collectors are incredibly smooth so airflow is not disrupted. Gaskets, new hardware and O2 wire harness extensions are included for a no hassle installation.

MBRP long tube headers are the first part of the exhaust equation. Work your way to the back of your Mustang with an MBRP h-pipe and cat-back for the ultimate boost in performance and sound. With a full MBRP system you can expect gains of around 44 HP and 28 TQ. Best of all, MBRP Mustang systems are modular and allow you to pick from any number of combinations to suit your needs when building your Mustang.

MBRP offers the Pro Series for serious performance enthusiasts who demand the best of the best. Pro Series components are manufactured from T304 stainless steel. MBRP packs their Pro Series exhaust with the highest chromium and nickel content of any exhaust on the market, producing simply the best system money can buy. High quality stainless steel provides fantastic durability and will resist rusting. There is no better system than the MBRP Pro Series.

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Hi, Bill from CJs here with Jesse from MBRP who is going to tell us about their 5 liter Coyote headers.

Jesse: What we have here is a set of our long tubes for the '11 and up 5-0 cars. They're made out of T304 stainless steel, all mounts are bent, primaries...

Bill: How large are the primaries on these.

Jesse: These are 1-7/8ths. They filter down to a 3-inch spike merge collector down there and slide right into one of our H-pipes that we have available, whether you wanted it catted or non-catted.

Bill: And these are available in what finish, obviously it's stainless steel, but...

Jesse: It's T304 stainless, but it's basically just raw milled finish. We don't actually do anything through the manufacturing process. This is basically how we get it directly from the mill.

Bill: Okay, tell us about that flange, it's one of the cleanest one's we've seen in a while.

Jesse: It's all laser cut and obviously we weld the entire inside circumference of the header to insure a nice clean seal when you install these guys. And obviously we go through and polish them down just a little bit to make sure the air passage is not interrupted by any turbulence or anything.

Bill: Have you ever tried these on a Coyote swap, will they fit a Fox body, will they fit any other years, or pretty much stick with the '11 and up for now?

Jesse: They're pretty much '11 and up. I'm not going to lie, I did shoehorn a Coyote motor into a Fox Body and tried, but there's a couple of things that I had to do to make them work.

Bill: Okay. They're not designed for but they're pretty much meant for your '11 and up direct swap as far as that goes.

Jesse: Correct.

Bill: And these are good hardware, both threads, everything is included.

Jesse: Yes. When you get the box you will find two sets of bolts depending on what pitch your car came with from the factory.

Bill: And these are designed to use your factory gaskets, those beefy factory ones are pretty good.

Jesse: Yeah, you use the factory header.

Bill: Great, thank you very much.