Mr. Gasket Thermostat 180 Degree 6-Cylinder 1965-1973/8-Cylinder 1965-1995

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Product Description

Mr. Gasket 180 Degree Thermostat for 1965-1973 Mustangs with a 6-Cylinder Engine and 1965-1995 Mustangs with an 8-Cylinder Engine.

Installing this new 180 degree direct replacement thermostat can prevent serious damage to your engine. Keeping your engine operating at peak performance while maintaining optimum engine temperature is very important. A faulty thermostat could cause loss of coolant flow and incorrect temperature readings. Thermostats are normally around 180 degrees from the factory.

Features a copper "hat" that seals against a bypass restrictor plate inside the block. This closes the bypass circuit when the thermostat opens, so that all coolant has to go through the radiator. This keeps the temperature from fluctuating too much, thus causing overheating.

Mr. Gasket balanced high performance thermostats feature brass and copper construction and open at the correct temperature regardless of RPM. At high RPMs, coolant temperature and pressure fight for control of the thermostat, keeping it from opening at its designated temperature. This high performance thermostat is designed to resist the large variations in cool pressures that occur at high RPMs.

- 170 Cubic Inch 6-Cylinder
- 200 Cubic Inch 6-Cylinder
- 250 Cubic Inch 6-Cylinder
- 1965-1973 Big Block and Small Block V8 Except 351C
- 1974-1995 V8

After years of service, thermostats tend to stick or provide faulty operation. To keep this from happening, replace the thermostat during regular tuneups to keep everything working properly. Adding new coolant with the thermostat will help keep your engine running at it's proper operating temperature.

*Does NOT fit 351C engines.

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