MRT Rear Window Louvers Black Aluminum Coupe 2005-2014

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Product Description

Mustang Racing Technologies Black Aluminum Rear Window Louvers for all 2005-2014 Mustang Coupes.

Mustang Racing Technologies' stylish and functional rear window louvers come powder coated satin black and are ready to install! The louvers can be painted to your taste, but the black powder coated louvers will look finished and presentable on any color 2005-2014 Mustang.

These rear window louvers easily lift up for window cleaning thanks to MRT's hinged louver design, which caters especially to the lines of the 2005-2014 Mustang. There is no need to take off and reinstall the rear window louvers on your Mustang to clean the window. Requires absolutely no sheet metal drilling or modifications during installation.

As an added bonus, these louvers do not compromise rear window visibility. The louvers will not distract your attention from the road; in fact from the inside of your Mustang they are virtually invisible. The tight fit and intuitive design of MRT's rear window louvers make them a natural addition to your 2005-2014 Mustang!

Product Features:
-Powder coated satin black and ready to install
-One-piece all aluminum rear window louver design
-Hinged design for easy cleaning
-Patented louver design
-Louver prop rod & hardware kit included

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Chock full of awesomeness!
I chose these louvers because they look so much better than the plastic ones, and I wasn't disappointed. They give my Mustang a unique look that's a bit of a throwback to the fastbacks of the 70s.

As many have noted, the instructions leave a LOT to be desired. There is, however, a 15ish minute MRT louver install video on YouTube. It's for a Camaro, but the parts and steps are all the same, and the step by step video saved me what I know would have been a ton of headache. The install took a couple of hours from box to test drive.

The louvers conform very nicely to the curve of the rear window, and the hinged design is very nice for cleaning. They turn a lot of heads, and I get compliments all the time now. The aluminum louvers are pricier, but worth it!
Thomas October 7, 2014
Rear louvers
Easy fit ,adds that cool look,keep them black on my gotta have it green mustang,thanks for your excellent service
Mic D (from England) June 18, 2014
poor instructions
In stalled my new louvers today,took me a week to try and understand the very,very sorry and confusing instructons with accomaning sorry pictures,the look great but the instructions should be better
star May 25, 2014
Love the look!!
I've always liked the look of louvers on cars from the 60's & 70's so one of the first accessories for my '14 Mustang had to be rear louvers. After some internet research I decided to purchase the MRT louvers from CJ's. The quality and fit is very good. The instructions were not real good so I googled a video of MRT louvers being installed on a new Camaro which was very helpful to watch. Fortunately my uncle used to own a body shop so he helped me install them. We took our time, cleaned the window twice with alcohol and double checked our measurements to make sure the hinge pads were centered before installing them. Installing the lock pads and upper support pads was easy once we had the louvers installed and centered on the window. I'm very happy with the look and have had NO issues with vibrations at all.
Jeff 2014 SGM February 14, 2014
Excellent product !!!
The product is excellent solid quality but yes those instruction are very unclear! But for those who are installing please cut the template out tape to the upper window. It's marked out for the hinge clips but not the other two clips at top. Two people to hold louvers on with clips attached then trace the pads out then cut out. Refit before you stick to be sure. These must align to fit correctly to fit right. The bottom clips can be pre fitted and traced before you stick. Peel back of sticky pads rub a little automotive glue then stick. I spent 4 hours to install and test run parts on before the final stick.
Sandra parent July 30, 2013
I received my sport slats, and they were in good condition. I opened the box to start installation, and I couldn't find ANY instructions except a template and a one page picture on how to install the support legs. I don't have a clue about the other 20 parts. I will look into this situation. Stay tuned.
Jack L. Ori July 13, 2013
Best Available
I did allot of research before I bought two of these, one for my car and one for my son's car. When they arrived they were in great shape, no dings, scratches, or blemishes in the finish. We mounted the louvers without much trouble, I had expected to have some difficulties from other reviews I had read. These louvers do not rattle or make any noise at all during driving, partly due to their welded construction. Overall, we are very happy with the MRT louvers.
Reed's 2007 March 17, 2012
Nice look
The instructions were terrible. It's like they were written for two separate products. The look is great but mine did not fit like the photos here. I'd also recommend using silicon to attached the plastic feet they give you got the mid-window supports.
CFry March 8, 2012
The directions are very hard to grasp. The pictures are horrible. There's way too much guess work involved for something that you pay $449 for plus another $115 for shippinjg and handling !!! The template should cover the rear window from one side to the other and is made out of paper........ Today was my SECOND attempt at attaching these to my 2007 Mustang GT. They are now sitting back in my cellar. The latch pads don't seem to want to stick to the rear window. My next step is to find some epoxy / super glue / or most likely rear view mirror glue (sold at all auto parts stores)......... There's just way too much agravation involved with the installation of this product. I wish I didn't purchase these....... Next step , I'll be calling customer service !!!!
Jim G. / Mass. August 29, 2011
Directions suck
The directions are horrible. Take the time to lay everything out before you try to install and test fit it well. The template relies on you measuring a center point on the back window which may be hard for shorter people. It would have been better if the template would overlay the entire width of the window. That being said these are pretty good quality. It's light but strong and it has clean welds. Visibility is good but I also don't have my quarter windows covered either. All in all, happy with the purchase.
Craig June 30, 2011
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