Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit QuickLIFT ELITE Bolt-In 2005-2014

Redline Tuning: 21-11023,4-03
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Product Description

Redline Tuning Bolt-In QuickLIFT ELITE Hood Strut Kit for all 2005-2014 Mustangs with a Stock Hood.

Redline Tuning has released a completely new design for their hood strut kits. Their new design for the stock hood is truly a bolt-in installation! The result is a patented bolt-in design that utilizes a fender bolt and a hole in the hood frame and operates as smoothly as an OEM system.

QuickLIFT ELITE Features:
- Redline Tuning's top level hood strut kit
- 316L Polished Stainless Steel custom-valved gas springs
- Progressive, slow release system; final few inches of operation, gas springs slow down extending rate allowing for a fluid lifting process
- Black powder-coated hardware
- Full color installation manual

*For use on stock hoods only!

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Great Product
I really liked this product because most others had an additional hefty bracket. This product was super easy to install, looks sleek, not bulky,and works just as advertised. What else would you want. Great product.
Rich K November 19, 2014
Redline hood struts
Very easy install, maybe 10 min. without the sound tube
relocation. Both my Mustangs have the sound tubes deleted
so there was no problem with installation. They work great
and look even better. One suggestion is when you remove the
bolt where the lower mount will be, put two or three layers of
thin plastic over bolt head then put socket over that.
This will keep you from scratching the paint off bolt head.
It is easier than trying to match the paint that you sctatch off.
John November 19, 2014
Great Product
While they were a little pricy these hood struts look great and were very easy to install. I always worry about these aftermarket parts adversely affecting the hood but that is clearly not happening with these struts. I strongly recommend them.
Ron O'Neilr October 6, 2014
Great product and easy to install
Like these hood struts better than American Muscle ones. These look better and are easier to install without disturbing the factory hinge.
Leo September 29, 2014
Perfect Design
This is the single BEST upgrade that you can do for your Mustang. Redline designed these PERFECTLY. By using pre-existing holes in the hood and pre-existing bolt locations on the fender, installation was a breeze. The best part is that you don't have to jack around with the hinges, so there is no possibility of damage or misalignment of the hood. Get rid of that 1980s prop rod and put these on your ride ASAP! You won't regret spending a penny on this product!
Robert June 30, 2014
Great Mod!!
I installed the Redline bolt on hood strut kit today. Took all of 10 minutes. No removal of hood hings bolts and alignment issues. I was surprised at how much 'power' these cylinders have. The hood actually raised itself once past the 1/4 mark. Instructions were really clear and in color too. Well worth the money.
Ruffy 07 November 20, 2012
Absolutely Fantastic
I have a new 2013 Mustang 5.0, the first time that I raised my hood was after I had driven it a while, the hood rod was hot enough to burn. I ordered the Redline Elite hood kit, dropped one of the brackets into the never to be found area of my hood. I contacted Redline and they had me a replacement bracket in my mailbox within three days. It only takes a few minutes to install, especially after I decided to completely remove the goofy looking sound tube. They raise the hood perfectly, now no need to have a goofy looking rod sticking right up in the middle of the engine bay. Well worth the money and very little time.
Dick Stone September 26, 2012
Awsome Hood Lift System!
Ordered my Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT System & couldn't be happier. These hood support kits are the best I have seen in a long time are very easy to install (took me less than 10 minutes). What I really like is that they don't require you to unbolt the hood which can cause alignment problems like some other kits. They look and feel like an OEM part and have gotten many compliments at car shows. Say goodbye to bumping prop rod & have hood falling on you when working under it! These are a MUST if you plan on doing mods under the hood. Money very well spent! Thanks Redline Tuning for making an awesome product and thanks to CJ for getting them shipped out quickly!
Chris May 30, 2012
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: With all the advancements made under the hood of the newest Mustang, for some reason Ford still chooses to hold that up with an old-school prop rod. Thankfully, it's an easy problem to fix. Today we're going to show you how to install this Redline tuning no- drill hood strut kit on our 2013 Gotta Have It Race car. The kit comes with two strut assemblies as well as the four mounting brackets. What makes this unique is it uses all factory mounting holes as well as mounting hardware requiring no drilling, and no removal of your hood hinge bolts. For this installation you'll need a 3/8 ratchet, a 10 mm socket, and a 1/2-inch socket. We've got to use this one last time.

The lower bracket's going to mount to this fender bolt right here. The uppers go in this existing hole in your hood. This is the upper mount. Basically, you're going to want to loosen it up to the point that this washer is still hanging on, but has enough space so we can slide it through the hole. We want to put it through on an angle, and then pull against the hood while you tighten it up. We're going to get it just hand-tight for now, and what you'll want to do before you actually tighten it up with your wrench, you'll want to slide it toward the outside of the hood as far as possible, and then tighten it down. This will keep the strut from interfering with your shock tower when your hood is closed.

Now we're going to remove our fender bolt, install our bracket. The brackets are not side specific. If your car still has the factory air tube that goes from the cold air kit to the firewall, there's going to be a bracket that's going to mount right here. You'll have to take the bracket off the top studs and move it to the bottom to clear that stud.

Our last step is to install the strut itself. We're going to place the end of the strut over the ball on the end of the bracket. We're going to make sure the body of the strut is facing upward keeping any condensation out. Just place it over and press it into place, and then you'll want to repeat the process on the other side. Now for our last step, we're going to remove our factory prop rod, and our installation's complete.

We're going to try out our new hood struts, pull it up about halfway and then just let it go. It will slow down at the top. That's what Ford should have done when they built these cars. Installation is pretty straight forward, should take you no more than about 20 minutes. You'll be back on the road in no time.