Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit QuickLIFT Plus Bolt-In Focus ST 2013-2014

Redline Tuning: 21-11025-02
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Product Description

Redline Tuning Bolt-In QuickLIFT Plus Hood Strut Kit for 2013-2013 Focus ST.

Everyone loves a clean engine bay, but they don't love a prop rod obstructing the view. Redline Tuning uses two gas springs that lift and hold your hood without the need for a poorly placed prop rod. Simply start to lift your hood and let the QuickLIFT system take over. The hood struts will lift and firmly hold the hood at it's raised position. After the installation of Redline Tuning hood struts, you will never have to worry about the wind or bumping your hood.

The Redline Tuning hood strut kit features true bolt-in installation. The result is a patented bolt-in design that utilizes factory bolts to mount brackets which attach to the struts. Redline Tuning doesn't use off the shelf parts. The struts are manufactured to different specifications for each vehicle application. Exclusive end-of-force dampening slows the rate of extension over the final inches of travel which eliminates any stress on the hood. QuickLIFT systems work with any hood so you can still use the hood struts if you upgrade to an aftermarket hood.

QuickLIFT PLUS Features:
- Black e-coated custom valved gas springs, made specifically for each application
- Progressive, slow release system; final few inches of operation, gas springs slow down extending rate allowing for a fluid lifting process
- Black powder-coated hardware
- Full color installation manual


Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

Product Reviews

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Excellant Product
Easy ordering, quick delivery, simple installation. Redline would do themselves and this product well if they included some kind of "barrier" on the bottom of each piece to help prevent metal on metal rubbing. The lower mounts do move a little, I just put some painters tape under each bracket-problem solved.
Mike November 25, 2014
Awesome Product, Well packaged, Fast Delivery. Only took 15 minutes to install.. thanks again cjponyparts.
Ryan Zito September 3, 2014
Nice to get rid of hood prop!
I am overall pretty happy with the Quick lift plus kit. It seems to be of good quality and was simple to install. The packaging and directions were very top notch. I think the mount to the hood is fine. I was a little disappointed in the mount to the cars fender. It has a tendency to move a little even when tightened down. I may try something under it to secure it better.
Tim August 22, 2014
great product simple install looks great
Eric July 30, 2014
Great addition to the car, can't understand why Ford didn't put them on as standard, little bit of a fiddle but not to hard, well worth the time to put them on, thanks again to C J Pony.
Bulldog101 June 21, 2014
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We've already done some nice upgrades to our Focus ST, including a high flow exhaust and a set of lowering springs. Before we add any more performance, we're going to get rid of what we view as an oversight on Ford's part and that's the use of a prop rod. With a car as high tech as our Focus ST, the prop rod is realy out of place. So today, I'm going to get rid of it and install a set of Redline Tuning hood struts.

Unlike some other kits on the market, the Redline Tuning Kit is 100% bolt on, and includes these two struts, two brackets that mount on your fenders and two brackets going to bolt to your hood hinges. For this installation, you need a 1/4-inch ratchet, 10-millimeter socket and some wire cutters.

We're going to start by removing the two nuts for the hood hinge. Ford does paint these on the car so you expect a little bit of paint to come off. You want to install the bracket with the stud facing towards the hinge towards the outside of the car. Now for the fender mount bracket, we're going to remove this bolt here.

Now, we're going to install the bracket with the stud facing the engine bay and the Redline Tuning lettering facing up. Next step, which is only on the passenger side, is to reroute this hose here for your windshield washers. It's going to have to go underneath this bracket so that way the body of the strut doesn't hit it. Pull here to release and lift up on this whole bracket by pushing this clip together. Release back here, on the inside, and then clip it back down.

Now, we're going to install the strut itself. You always want to install with the body upward. Once you've repeated the process on the driver side, the last part of the installation is going to be clearance to this bracket right here where this is going to touch. As you bring it down you're going to see the body's going to hit the plastic right there. That's why we're going to have to clearance it. Now, we see where it's going to hit. You'll need to get some wire cutters and just trim that section out. Now do the same thing on the driver side. Once you clearance both sides, your last step is to remove the factory prop rod, and your installation's finished.

Now that everything's clearanced, we'll bring our hood down, make sure we're good. Everything's good there. Lift it back up. With Redline Hood Struts, you'll only have to pull it about half way up, then it'll actually take it slowly the rest of the way for you. Installation should only take you around 15 to 20 minutes. You'll be back on the road in no time.