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What Is An Adjustable Panhard Bar?What Is An Adjustable Panhard Bar?

Before you lower Ford Mustang to achieve that aggressive stance that you know and love, you are going to need to make several suspension modifications.Though some owners skip this step, adjustable panhard bars are essential towards keeping your rear axle centered when lowering your Mustang. Purchasing a new adjustable panhard bar is a small price to pay to ensure that your late-model Mustang’s rear axle will remain stable, in-spite of all your high-performance modifications down the road!

What Is Unsprung Weight?What Is Unsprung Weight?

When it comes to modding your Mustang out, many get to the point where they’re happy with how the car performs both in a straight line and on the twisties. However, it doesn’t stop there. Next up is weight reduction, and there are two sides to weight reduction with distinct goals in mind: sprung and unsprung weight or mass. Being a very important key to how a car handles under high load cornering G’s, unsprung weight will become your worst enemy. Getting educated and using that knowledge to figure out what’s next for your build can get you to the top spot at your next road course session.

What Does The GT in Mustang GT Stand For?What Does The GT in Mustang GT Stand For?

Some of the most simple and overlooked questions can be the hardest to find an answer to. One of those would be the simple question of what does GT stand for when us enthusiasts use the term Mustang GT? Yes, in the most general sense, it stands for Gran Touring, but for the Mustang it means so much more.

What Is Jeep Death Wobble?What Is Jeep Death Wobble?

For those who may have lifted or even stock ride height Jeeps or trucks, you may have experienced the dreaded ‘Death Wobble’ many off-road enthusiasts talk about. Death Wobble is a term coined by Jeep enthusiasts that refers to the rapid back-and-forth movement of your steering components when the front suspension is upset by a bump or void in the road.

What Is The SEMA Show?What Is The SEMA Show?

Being one of the largest automotive specialty products showcases in the world, The SEMA Show takes place in Las Vegas every November. Every year, this trade show draws in the best and brightest when it comes to automotive parts and the latest aftermarket products for your Mustang. Just last year, there were north of 2,500 parts debuted at SEMA with that number rising each year!

Who Invented The Mustang?Who Invented The Mustang?

The automotive industry is loaded with stories of people with humble beginnings that slowly climbed the ranks, and eventually changed the landscape of the business forever. Though Ford is filled with influential men and women throughout its 100-plus-year history, Lee Iacocca stands out amongst the crowd.

What Is My Mustang's Bolt Pattern?What Is My Mustang's Bolt Pattern?

When searching for a new set of wheels & tires for your Mustang, an important thing to keep in mind is your Mustang’s bolt pattern. Not every car has the same bolt pattern, meaning you can’t take a wheel from another car and just slap it on your Mustang without checking the correct bolt pattern and other specs!

Mustang Generation Nicknames: What Do They Mean?Mustang Generation Nicknames: What Do They Mean?

Ever been at a Mustang event, whether it’s a car show or drag race and hear someone utter the term S197 or S550 or even Fox Body, perhaps? These are body codes set by Ford Motor Company in their Research & Development process for the Mustang.

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