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Jeep Wrangler Grilles Through The YearsJeep Wrangler Grilles Through The Years

When it comes to Jeeps, the letters C and J have been synonymous with off-road dominance since Willys MB brought the civilian jeep to the public in the wake of World War II. Willys and later CJ-builder AMC are no longer relevant, but with the Jeep CJ they created an institution as red, white and blue as apple pie.

Premium Gas: Does It Make A Difference?Premium Gas: Does It Make A Difference?

There’s a huge price gap when you look at premium v. regular gas, and that gap just keeps growing. Gas stations in the U.S. charge as much as 80% more for premium gas compared to regular. They charge more for premium because they have to be competitive with the pricing of regular. With premium, they can make up their loss.

Car Type Based On Your Myers-Briggs ResultsCar Type Based On Your Myers-Briggs Results

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is a personality test that can tell you a lot about yourself. By answering a series of questions, you’ll find yourself sorted into one of 16 categories based on things like whether you are introverted or extroverted, whether you utilize sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and whether or not you judge or perceive the world around you.

How To Prepare For Winter DrivingHow To Prepare For Winter Driving

Driving in the winter is something you have to make sure you’re prepped and ready for. Take time to see when you should be preparing your car for winter. Keep an emergency kit in there at all times so you’re prepared for whatever happens. Make sure winter doesn’t catch you off guard!

Getting Out from Underwater Car LoansGetting Out from Underwater Car Loans

The costs of car ownership are many, but for millennials, just getting out from under the initial purchase price of their car is proving to be a challenge. Today nearly one-third of all cars in the states that are offered for trade-in are financed by negative equity loans. It's crazy to think, but it's true. Find out many ways to get out of your upside-down car loan or options to work yourself in the right direction over time.

Driving By Generation: Most Popular First Cars Baby Boomers vs MillennialsDriving By Generation: Most Popular First Cars Baby Boomers vs Millennials

The car industry is quite simply in a different place today. More specifically, it was already in a different place in the early 2000s than it was during the time baby boomers were purchasing their first cars.

The Difference of a Decade: Owning Your First CarThe Difference of a Decade: Owning Your First Car

The overall picture of American youth has evolved a great deal during the past few decades. Vehicle preferences have changed, costs have changed and many additional details about the vehicle buying process are different. This infographic tries to sum them all up.

Driving Insane: Putting the Brakes on Road RageDriving Insane: Putting the Brakes on Road Rage

Every day, there are thousands of instances of road rage. As horns honk and fists shake, enraged drivers endanger our roads. Find out what causes road rage and what to do if you become a victim.

Hack Your CommuteHack Your Commute

Being stuck in traffic is probably never the most productive use of your time but, if you learn how to hack your commute, you can be more productive than your frustrated coworkers.

Pointers You Need to Know When Getting Pulled OverPointers You Need to Know When Getting Pulled Over

If you see a police car behind you, hear a siren or see a flashing red light that seems to be aimed at getting you to pull over…do pull over immediately. Failure to do so could be seen as attempting to flee or resisting lawful authority.

Vulnerable Vehicles: Invasive Hacks in Connected CarsVulnerable Vehicles: Invasive Hacks in Connected Cars

These days, you can have just about any technology you want in a car, from wireless internet to Bluetooth to GPS to laser-guided cruise-control. Several automakers are even testing cars that can drive themselves. We've come a long way.

Wake Up to the Drowsy Driving EpidemicWake Up to the Drowsy Driving Epidemic

Drowsy driving is one of the lesser known dangers related to road safety. According to the newest study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 1 in 5 deadly crashes involve driver fatigue.

The Sharing Economy: How To Put Your Car To WorkThe Sharing Economy: How To Put Your Car To Work

Have you ever been curious about what it would take for you to turn your car into a Lyft or Uber vehicle? Our latest infographic has all the details to get you started making money with your vehicle.

Repair or Replace Your Vehicle?Repair or Replace Your Vehicle?

As you’re presented with expensive car bills, you will be faced with a decision. Should you repair the car? Or should you replace it? This infographic provides you the necessary information on how to best make that decision.

Weirdest Driving Laws In The U.S.Weirdest Driving Laws In The U.S.

All of us know the basic rules of the road. Believe it or not, some states feature some laws that don't seem real. Our infographic breaks down different regions of the Unites States and shows some of the strangest laws out there.

NFL Football Teams As VehiclesNFL Football Teams As Vehicles

We couldn't resist matching up two of our favorite things: cars and sports. We decided to give every National Football Team its own vehicle, based on their performance over the past couple seasons.

How to Use a RoundaboutHow to Use a Roundabout

You might initially find roundabouts, whether they’re single or multi-lane, tricky to navigate because of their design and their differences from both intersections and traffic circles. Once you get to know them, though, it’s easy as pie. (And just as round, too.)

The Worst Pileups in History The Worst Pileups in History

Pileup. The term alone conjures thoughts of blazer-clad news anchors cautioning you to seek an alternative route to work, because things are backed up. Hopefully, that’s the only thing it evokes thoughts of. Being involved in a multi-car crash is one of the most dangerous situations you can find yourself in on the road.

Apps That Will Help You Avoid a TicketApps That Will Help You Avoid a Ticket

There is nothing worse than a ticket, especially when it could have be avoided by dodging traffic stops, parking correctly, or getting a lift. The good news is that your smartphone can help you do all of those things and more with some pretty handy apps. Find out which will help you avoid your next ticket and keep that cash in your pocket. Spoiler alert: You'll want to download them all.

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