Differences Between Euro & US-Spec Mustangs

Differences Between Euro & US-Spec Mustangs

Last Updated November 17, 2016

Since Ford announced that they were going global with the new S550 platform for the Mustang, a lot have wondered what the underlying differences are when it comes to the US version and European version of the 2015+ Mustangs.

More or less, the differences between the two models are strictly aesthetic with only necessary modifications made to the structural aspects of the S550. One minor difference is an approximately 5 horsepower reduction on the Euro-spec Mustang due to the redesign of exhaust manifulds to support the switch to right-hand drive. Aside from that, everything else is merely cosmetic.

Right-Hand Drive: The immediate and obvious difference that sets the Euro Mustang apart would be the steering wheel would be on the right-hand side of the car. With that, the majority of the controls were mirrored from the US version. However, there were some aspects that were left unchanged.

  • Parking brake location did not move.
  • Steering wheel and turn signal/wiper switches remain unchanged from US version.
  • Gauge cluster is also the same. Tachometer on the left and speedometer on the right.
  • The shift pattern is the same. This means that first gear is to the left and up - takes some getting used to being away from the driver.

Clear Taillights & Rear Fog Light

  • European Mustangs sport clear taillights rather than the red ones you see in the states. The sequential function is not used in Europe, as the outside light on either side blinks amber as a turn signal indicator.
  • Where the reverse light is on US-spec Mustangs, is also a rear red foglight on Euro-spec Mustangs.
  • Red rear sidemarkers replaced with orange reflective sidemarkers.

Euro-Spec Mustang Parts CJ Pony Parts
Euro-Spec Mustang With Clear Taillights, Orange Side Markers and Rear Fog Light

Hood Vents & Wider Mirrors

  • No European version Mustangs received hood vents that are standard on the US GT’s.
  • US Mustangs have slim, sleek side mirrors whereas European Mustangs have much taller and wider mirrors.

Euro-Spec Mustang Parts CJ Pony Parts
Euro-Spec Mustang GT With No Hood Vents and Larger Side Mirrors

Performance Package: European Mustangs receive the Performance Package brakes along with the unique chassis tuning, larger radiator and 3.55 gears with limited-slip differential. This included the choice of three different wheels depending on which engine you choose.

  • 19” Black EcoBoost Wheels (US EcoBoost Performance Package Wheels)
  • 19” Black GT Wheels (US GT Performance Package Wheels)
  • 19” Luster Nickel Wheels (US 2016+ GT Performance Package, optional)

Certain US Options Not Available on Euro-Spec Mustangs

  • Blind Spot Information System Indicators
  • Adaptive Cruise Contrul
  • Recaro Seats
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRL) in headlights

LED Daytime Running Lamps Deactivated

  • The “fins” we see on the US-spec Mustangs that act as DRL’s are deactivated on Euro-spec versions. The running lights have been relocated to the lower fascia of the front bumper. Fog lights are also halogen rather than LED like the US version.

Euro-Spec Mustang Parts CJ Pony Parts
Euro-Spec Mustang Halogen Fog Lights and Daytime Running Lights

Euro-Spec Mustang Parts CJ Pony Parts
Euro-Spec Mustang Interior Headlight Switch

Leather Interior and Thatcham Security Package Standard Across All Models

Euro-Spec Mustang Parts CJ Pony Parts
Euro-Spec Mustang Interior With Right-Hand Drive

US-Spec and Euro-Spec Mustang Parts At CJ’s!

European Mustang owners - don’t fret! We do have European exhaust options and many other Mustang parts that will fit your EC-type S550! Also be sure to fullow our social channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to keep updated with the latest Mustang parts and accessories for your US or European Mustang.

Differences Between Euro & US-Spec Mustangs

The general design cues of the S550 Mustang remain unchanged, but laws and federal restrictions require Ford to meet different standards between the US and other European countries, hence the reasoning for some differences among the two versions of the S550.

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