Mustang Music Playlists

Mustang Music Playlists

Last Updated November 17, 2016

Finding The Right Tunes

If you’re headed to a Mustang car show or car meet, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right tunes to fill the air as you cruise down the highway. Not sure what you’ll want to hear? Well, you’re in luck because we comprised a few different playlists based on common music interests for your listening pleasure! Each playlist comprised of roughly 30 songs, just save your favorite to your Spotify account before hitting the road!

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Mustang Oldies Playlist

Believe it or not, there are plenty of songs out there that revolve around cars and the car culture, especially of the 60s! These throwback jams make great background music at any muscle car event revolving around the iconic Ford Mustang.

Mustang Rock Playlist

Don’t think we forgot about those who love to rock & roll in their Mustang! Finding the perfect driving music can be tough, especially if the radio isn’t playing anything good. Pair up your phone and get cruising with these ultimate classic and modern rock jams!

Mustang Country Playlist

For those who prefer a bit of a southern twang, we put a playlist together for you too! Whether you’re washing your Mustang to some tunes or pulling into the local car meet, nothing beats a good country playlist to bring on the good times!

Mustang Pop Playlist

Top 40 is always hot on the radio, except sometimes if you listen long enough, you’ll hear the same song twice or even three times. Save yourself the hassle and throw this CJ Mustang Pop playlist on your Spotify account and hit the road!

Mustang Dance/Electronic Playlist

In recent years, electronic dance music has made a revival among top 40 and other popular music trends. With that said, house music, dubstep, trance other popular electronic genres aren’t uncommon to be heard at Mustang shows and other car meets. Join the craze and see what it’s all about by adding it to your Spotify account!

Mustang Music Playlists

Sometimes it’s frustrating trying to make your own playlist. Whether it’s for wrenching on or detailing your Mustang, cruising down the street, or browsing around at a local car meet or car show, let your friends at CJ’s do the hard work for you and check out our Spotify playlists full of current and throwback jams that are perfect for any occasion!

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