NFL Football Teams As Vehicles

NFL Football Teams As Vehicles

Last Updated March 22, 2017

If there’s two things that go great together, it’s cars and sports. We love them both, and started wondering how we could mix them. We decided to pick a car for every single NFL team. Some of these are based on how things played out last season, while others have a nod to history. In other cases, the team name happens to be the same name as a car.

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NFL Vehicle Infographic

Let’s take a look at a few of our selections that might need further explanation.

  • Cincinnati Bengals – Honda CBR1000RR – Can be awesome, but not at night. The Bengals have made the playoffs the last 4 years, but have only won 4 of their last 20 games in primetime. Yikes.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Chevy Silverado – Steel is the “Strongest of the Strong”, at least according to Silverado’s recent commercials.
  • Indianapolis Colts – Ford Mustang Shelby GT – All-American Pony. There were several choices for the Mustang, but the colts share the exact colors of the classic Shelby.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – 2001 Jaguar X-Type – Cool name, unimpressive performance. The Jaguar X-Type is commonly listed as the worst of the Jaguars.
  • New England Patriots – Aston Martin DBS V12 – Powerful, fast, and great for spies. We had several great choices for the Patriots, but couldn’t pass up the reference to Spygate. Plus, the Aston Martin is a pretty great car.
  • New York Jets – Bluesmobile – Gets you right to the end and then suddenly falls apart. Like the Bluesmobile, the Jets were great this season and then threw three 4th quarter interceptions to miss the playoffs.
  • Denver Broncos – Ford Bronco – Old, but loveable. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like the Ford Bronco, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like the Broncos aging quarterback Peyton Manning.
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Fisker Karma – “Revolutionary” concept that only lasted 3 years. Chip Kelly brought a new style to the NFL that was supposed to change the league. It didn’t last long.
  • New York Giants – NY Taxi - Once dominated, now has some serious competition. The Giants owned New York, winning two Super Bowls in 5 years but struggling ever since.
  • Arizona Cardinals – Volkswagen Phaeton W12 – Looks completely ordinary, but has a ton of hidden power. You wouldn’t know from the looks, but the Phaeton W12 has 420 horsepower.
  • LA Rams – U-Hall Truck – A Dodge Ram would usually fit, but not this year. When we started this project, this was for the St. Louis Rams who just moved to LA.
  • San Francisco 49ers – Google Self-Driving Car – A driverless car for a team with questionable leadership. They had recently fired their coach when we started this, and have huge questions as quarterback too.
  • Chicago Bears – Zamboni – The best sports product at Soldier Field happens when a Zamboni is involved. The Bears have were 1-7 at home last year, but the Blackhawks played great during their game there.
NFL Football Teams As Vehicles

We couldn't resist matching up two of our favorite things: cars and sports. We decided to give every National Football Team its own vehicle, based on their performance over the past couple seasons.