Ridetech Complete Coilover Suspension System Level 3 1965-1966

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Product Description

Ridetech Level 3 Complete Coilover Suspension System for 1965-1966 Mustangs.

Ridetech doesn't just sell air suspension. They have become a quick leader in the industry by offering all types of suspension parts and kits. Ridetech coilovers provide the ultimate ride quality, handling performance and simplicity. TQ (Track Quality) shocks offer remote reservoirs and triple adjustability compared to the single adjustable HQ series shocks. Tune rebound just like the HQ shock, but also change high and low speed compression adjustments. Updating the rear suspension is a full bolt-on 4-link setup. Front suspension geometry is correct with Ridetech's TruTurn front suspension system. Aiding the front suspension is A Musclebar.

Kit Includes:
- TQ Coilover Kit
- TruTurn Front Suspension
- Bolt-on 4-Link Rear Suspension
- Front Sway Bar
- Pair of Shock Tower Braces

Superior fade free performance and great ride quality comes from the mono-tube shock construction. A 5/8" chrome shock shaft moves a 1.834" piston which dampens suspension travel. Oil leakage is eliminated by use of a double sealed rod guide with a dust cover. Easy adjustment comes from a height adjuster equipped with a unique clamp and finer threads. There is no set screw to ruin threads on the shock body. Includes CNC machined billet hardware and 1/2" bore x 1" kevlar lined bearings for noise free operation.

Ridetech uses high quality 2-1/2" coil springs made right in Indiana by HyperCo. HyperCo uses CNC'd cold wound high tensile premium steel. This lessens weight, resists bowing and increases travel. Ridetech engineers the spring rates to help your car handle to the best of its abilities.

To fix the Mustang's horrible suspension geometry, Ridetech uses it's TruTurn front suspension system. With this kit you will have clearance to run up to a 245mm tire and 17x8 or 18x8 wheels with a 5-1/2" backspacing. Ridetech was able to achieve 0.000" bumpsteer through 5" of travel with the installation of their TruTurn kit.

TruTurn Kit Includes:
- Spindles
- Steering Arms
- Drag link bracket
- Tie Rod Assemblies
- StrongArms

Overall taller spindles improve camber gain for great turning. Tie rod assemblies integrate with your new steering arms and center link to provide a true bolt-on steering system. The inner tie rod ends are relocated with a drag link bracket that bolts onto your OEM drag link which minimizes bumpsteer. Steering arms are designed to eliminate bumpsteer, improve ackerman angle and allow clearance for up to an eight inch wide wheel with 5-1/2" backspacing. Both upper and lower StrongArms (control arms) incorporate adjustable spherical bearings for stability and dropped cross shaft to improve camber gain.

Ridetech's bolt-on 4-link setup typically lowers a Mustang's ride height by approximately two inches. This new stance will give your Mustang a great look while lowering the car and increasing handling aspects. Lowering the vehicle's center of gravity helps prevent body roll for better handling and cornering performance. The 4-link bars offer more precise positioning of the rear axle to eliminate flexing and increase stability through corners. Standard polyurethane bushings fight deflection while decreasing a harsh ride and road noise.

Ridetech's Musclebar sway bar was developed specifically for lowered vehicles and will greatly enhance the cornering performance of your Mustang. Increased bar diameter, polyurethane bushings and appropriate attachment links all add up to a sway bar package that is designed to work correctly with a lowered vehicle. The bolt-on sway bar was tuned to improve body roll and make your car drive better and corner flatter. Ground clearance and oil pan clearance issues are minimized while allowing more tire clearance. PosiLink end links feature ball joint style connections which allows bind free operation through an extremely wide range of motion. Features 360 rotation and 45 misalignment. The durable design will outlast traditional bushing style connectors.

Finishing off this kit is a pair of shock tower braces. Extra rigidity is needed for track duties and this kit can handle track duties no problem. Hard driving will put a lot of stress on the shock towers and the more strength the better. These pieces will bolt against your current shock towers to provide extra thickness.

*Ridetech tall spindles are only compatible with GM A/F body brake systems.

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