Ridetech Digital Remote Control

Ridetech: 31008500
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Product Description

Ridetech Digital Remote Control.

Why wait until you get in your car to raise or lower it? With Ridetech's remote control system, you can change your Mustang's ride height while standing outside. The key fob is small and can be attached to your key ring so you always have it with you. Any of the three preset ride heights can be selected with the key fob. Whether you want to raise the car to get a look at the suspension underneath, set the drivable ride height or slam it, Ridetech's key fob does it all.

Kit Includes:
- Two Key Fob Transmitters
- Wiring Harness
- Antenna
- Receiver

Ridetech's Digital remote control is a great upgrade for your RidePro Digital control system. You can gain full control of your air suspension without even sitting inside your Mustang. Simply install the wiring and antenna needed to send and receive signals from the key fobs. The key fobs include three buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3. Each number matches up to one of your RidePro Digital preset ride heights.

*Digital remote control only works with RidePro Digital control system.

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