Ridetech LevelPro External Ride Height Sensor Set

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Ridetech LevelPro External Ride Height Sensor Set

Product Description

Set of Four Ridetech LevelPro External Ride Height Sensors.

The Digital system is great on it's own, but to make it 100% perfect you need to add the LevelPro ride height sensors. By comparing the position of the ride height sensor to the air pressure, the vehicle is leveled with no crossloading. A ride height based system by itself is better than a pressure based system but they both have their downfalls. However, when you combine these two systems they work flawlessly together.

Kit Includes:
- Four SEN001 height sensors
- Ten heat shrink tubes
- Four SEN002 height sensor linkage kits (includes the following)
- One Steel linkage rod
- Two Rubber rod ends
- Two 1/4" sensor bolts with Nyloc nuts and flat washers
- One Mounting tab
- WIR8300 group harness
- Installation guide

With a pressure based system you are relying on air pressure to translate into the position of the air spring. Theoretically, this should translate into the position of the suspension and the ride height of the vehicle. Many assumptions are made with this type of system. When any change occurs to the load that the air spring sees, then you can no longer assume that a given air pressure will mean a specific ride height. Active pressure based systems (This system maintains a specific air pressure while driving down the road) react completely wrong in a long sweeping turn like you would find on an interstate off ramp. The system will attempt to deflate the outside air spring and inflate the inside air spring. Body roll and handling problems are magnified during such a scenario.

A ride height based system eliminates the several assumptions based on air pressure but has it's limitations as well. When the load on an air spring changes, the system will still be able to achieve the correct ride height. However, the ride height may be achieved with radically different air pressures from corner to corner which is known as crossloading. Crossloading results in a level ride height but handling characteristics will suffer greatly.

The LevelPro uses air pressure and ride height sensors to achieve the correct ride height at the appropriate air pressure. Achieving the same ride height at all corners of the vehicle should not result in air pressure differences greater than about 20%. Large variations in air pressure don't occur when the LevelPro system is utilized.

*Requires RidePro Digital ECU.

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