Shelby Performance Parts Rear Strut Tower Brace 2005-2014

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Product Description

Shelby Performance Parts Rear Strut Tower Brace for 2005-2014 Mustangs.

Just as the front strut tower brace stiffens the chassis and enhances the handling characteristics of your Mustang, so does this rear shock tower brace. This task is accomplished without sacrificing available trunk space. Simple hand tools are needed for installation but you can also weld the brace in for additional rigidity.

This rear strut tower brace fits all 2005-2014 Mustangs and 2007-2014 Shelby GT500s.

Available in a silver powder coat or natural finish. The natural finish is VERY raw and oxidized. It is not brushed or finished in any way.

*Note: This brace does NOT fit with factory Ford trunk subwoofer, but DOES fit with Shelby/Kicker upgraded subwoofer.

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Connects the back end!
Noticed the improvement through my first corner! Back end stays flat through the whole turn to allow you to step on the throttle sooner at turn exit. My GT feels solid from the struts to the shocks now.
Mark October 28, 2014
Very Pleased!
I put a Boss 302 front strut brace on my 2014 V6 and noticed decreased body roll but the back end was still a bit sloppy. As soon as I saw this released, I immediately purchased it and put it on. I got the raw version because it was cheaper. Heck for $100 you can't go wrong considering similar braces are $150-200+ I painted black with a spray can anyway. It's in the trunk and hidden by carpet so no one is going to see it. This really tightened up the back end around corners. Huge improvement! Match this rear brace up with a front brace and you will notice a great amount of decreased body roll. I sure did. If you're hesitant on buying it, don't be. This is a must have for these solid axles in order to clean up the sloppiness.

Installation was very simple. In the trunk, peel back the carpet on the sides of the trunk. You will see the strut nuts on each side. I used an adjustable wrench on the strut nuts in the trunk, but make sure to hold the strut thread in place so you don't twist the strut. I used a pair of locking pliers at the very tip of the thread on the flat sides and held it steady while I unscrewed the nut from the strut. After taking off the two nuts (one on each side), I noticed the brace would not seat properly because of the factory caulk in the trunk on the body panel seams. I had to use a flathead screwdriver and chisel away at the caulk until the brace fit perfectly. Before putting it back together, I used thin layer of caulk to seal up the space on the body panel seams that I chiseled off. When I put it back together, I made sure the brace was seated evenly on both ends and then tightened the nuts evenly as well. Few turns on one end and few turns on the other until it was tight. Then I used the locking pliers again to hold the thread and then snugged down the nut with the adjustable wrench. Make sure not to over-tighten or you will strip the flat ends on the thread. Put the carpet back into place. I put the trunk mat over the actual brace to hide it and clean up the trunk. Now, take her for a ride. Enjoy the toned down body roll. It's almost nonexistent.

Very satisfied. Thank you!
Wes October 24, 2014
Shelby Performance Parts Rear Strut Tower Brace 2005-2014
It is the best investment I have made for my 2014 GT Mustang the rear brace is just as important as the front brace you can tell and feel the difference in stability and handling of the vehicle, this I am convinced ...
Luis July 21, 2014
don't think about buying this just buy it !
I read all the reviews on shock tower braces and most motor heads (mustang forum) say they don't do anything. Bull crap! I put mine on Friday, didn't drive the car for 5 days, I was sick. Got in my '07 GT to go to work as soon as I hit the road I thought what the hell is wrong with my car the handling was so different. I thought maybe a flat tire, something, than I remembered shock tower brace. It took body flex out of ass end. Now rear end comes around much better, major improvement. Guys that say they don't notice any difference don't know their car. Big improvement for little money.
P Mustang March 21, 2014
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Bill: We have a special guest in our studio today, Keith Chriswell from Shelby Performance Parts is here to tell us a little bit about the company and a couple of new parts that they offer. Keith thanks for coming.

Keith: Thanks for having me, Bill. I appreciate it.

Bill: Shelby is obviously an iconic name that everybody is familiar with, but what can you tell us about the performance parts division?

Keith: Yeah, the actual performance parts division was re-launched back in 2007. They cater specifically to 2005 and newer Mustangs. We actually did it as a result of wanting to offer the parts to our customers that we use on the cars and the vehicles we build there at our world headquarters in Las Vegas.

Bill: What can you tell me about these two parts you brought with you today?

Keith: What I brought along with me was two of our suspension related components and then there is a transmission cooler scoop. Really any opportunity you have in the suspension to triangulate it to increase stiffness makes it a much more performing vehicle both on the street and on the track.

In this case this is our rear strut tower brace. This is for our 2005 to 2013 vehicle. One of the unique design features of this is that actually it's low clearance in the trunk and doesn't sacrifice trunk space while also offering you stiffness in the rear chassis.

This one here is our transmission cooler scoop. This is for manual transmission 2005 to 2013 Mustangs. This one here is actually for any kind of track day you're actually out there increasing heat under the vehicle from this abuse and long term use without a lot of stops to cool it off. This is actually instrumental in the cooling of the transmission itself on a manual vehicle, which doesn't typically get a lot of attention.

Ford actually incorporates a version of this design in the 2013 Boss Laguna Seca model edition. We actually took that idea and made it a lot larger, put in a lot more air, to service a need in our vehicle, such as the Shelby 1000.

Bill: Both these parts will fit both standard and Shelby Mustangs?

Keith: Absolutely. One of the nice things about both of these parts is that you do not need to own an actual Shelby to actually have one and install it on your vehicle. It's just an added performance benefit to your car whether you own a Shelby or not.

Bill: We know Shelby makes a lot of performance parts. You guys do a lot of dress up stuff as well.

Keith: Absolutely Bill. We do exterior, interior, and engine dress up components just to add a little bit of Shelby style to your '05 and newer Mustang.

Bill: Great. Thanks for coming out today, appreciate it.

Keith: Thanks for having me, appreciate it.