Shifter Gasket Set T-56 Cobra 2003-2004

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Product Description

Shifter Gasket Set for all 2003-2004 Cobras with a T-56 Manual Transmission.

Most enthusiasts frequently settle for increased transmission gear and shifting noise in the cabin of their '03-'04 Cobra when they install a new aftermarket shifter, thinking it's an unavoidable occurrence. This Shifter Gasket Set is a simple fix, by creating an optimal seal between the shifter base and the transmission shifter mounting plate, the unwanted noise in the cabin of your 2003 or 2004 SVT Cobra is drastically reduced.

Set Includes:
- Base Gasket: Seals between the transmission and the shifter
- Secondary Gasket: Seals between the shifter and the shift handle

Part of the upgraded "PLUS" series, these gaskets measure 1/16" thick and are much more effective at reducing the amount of vibrations coming through your transmission and into your shifter. The gaskets are made from a special, high-temperature silicone elastomer and are designed specifically for the T-56 6-speed manual transmission. With a specific gasket design, you know you are going to have a perfect, tight fit that isn't messy or stressful to install compared to RTV silicone or a gasket maker. The new gaskets will fit the stock shifter, as well as any aftermarket shifter.

This Shifter Gasket Set also makes it easier to access the turret when you want to service the transmission in your 2003 or 2004 SVT Cobra. It can be taken off easily and even replaced in position and reused. The Shifter Gaskets eliminate the possibility of getting silicone down into the transmission and you'll also reduce the chances of having a stuck bolt.

When it's time to install that new shifter to the top of your T-56 transmission, make sure you pick up a new Shifter Gasket Set to go with it!

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By Bill Tumas: If you've ever installed a shifter on your late model Mustang, one of the worst parts of the job is laying down the silicone between the transmission and the shifter. It's a messy job and if you ever have to take the shifter off for any reason, you got to scrape it off with a razorblade, which makes an even bigger mess. Thankfully, the aftermarket came up with a solution with these Stang shifter gaskets. These reusable gaskets take the place of the silicone for a much cleaner installation. They also do a much better job with keeping noise out of your interior. Today we're going to install these gaskets on our 2001 Mustang Bullitt.

The shifter gaskets will work with both stock or aftermarket shifters and will fit T5, T45, T3650, T56 and the latest MT82 transmissions from Ford. The kits include a base gasket to go between the transmission and the shifter, as well as a secondary gasket to go between the shifter and the shift handle. We're going to take our '01 Bullitt for a test drive before we do the installation to get an idea of what kind of sound's being passed through our shifter into our interior. In the case of our Bullitt, it does have an aftermarket shifter, which does tend to transmit a little ore sound than the stock shifter would. Let's take it for a test drive.

You can hear the whine from our Steeda tri-ax during cruising. It's kind of tough for the camera to pick it up. I'll install our Stang shifter gasket and see if it makes a difference. For this installation, you need a 1/4 inch ratchet, 8-millimeter socket, 13-millimeter socket, short extension, rubber mallet and a razor blade. Now we're ready to start the installation. The installation of the shifter gasket is basically exactly like installing a shifter. We're going to start by removing our shift knob. I'll remove the boot and the retainer. Put your hands underneath the edge here and pull straight up. You'll want to disconnect the lighter. These four bolts that hold on to the lower shift retainer, take those out next. One last step is to remove the four bolts that hold the shifter to the transmission.

Our shifter is held on by silicone, so to remove it sometimes you have to tap it with a mallet to get it to free up. Now it's loose, I'm going to remove our shifter. I'm going to take this cup off the bottom of the ball and shifter and put it back in the transmission. We're going to start by installing the handle gasket first and then we'll install our shifter gasket. I'm going to clean up the surface of our shifter and I'll scrape away any gasket material left over. Now, we'll install the handle gasket. I'm going to remove the nuts and bolts from the handle. What's left of the original gasket has already fallen out.

Put the gasket in place on the handle and reinstall it to the shifter. We're ready to reinstall on our Mustang. Now, we'll lay the shifter gasket on our transmission and line up all the holes. We're ready to reinstall our shifter. Now, you want to pull the cup back out and put it back on the ball of the shifter, so it snap into place. Install the shifter. You want to make sure the holes are lined up, then we can reinstall our bolts. You don't have to over tighten them, just get them snug. We'll reinstall our lower shift boot. I'll reinstall the boot retainer. Make sure you don't forget to plug your cigarette lighter back in. Now reinstall the shift knob, and our installation is finished. You wouldn't think a little gasket would make that much of a difference but it really does. Upshifts, downshifts, even decelerations, noise is just about gone. I can barely hear anything at all.

The Stang shifter gasket is one of those small parts that really makes a big difference. It's only a few bucks more than a tube of silicone, and I highly suggest picking one up next time you replace the shifter in your Mustang. Installation's around 45 minutes, so you'll be back on the road in no time.