Starkey Trunk Release Button Kit V6/GT/GT500 2005-2009

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Product Description

Starkey Trunk Release Button Kit for 2005-2009 V6, GT, and GT500 Mustangs.

Ford never installed a trunk release button from the factory so this is a helpful addition to your Mustang. This button kit mounts discreetly inside the center console for easy access.

An OEM Ford access panel with a pre-drilled hole is included. No drilling or cutting is needed. The button kit seamlessly fits into your car for a clean, factory look. A detailed step-by-step instruction manual with pictures is provided. Technical support is available in case you have any questions.

-OEM Ford access panel with pre-drilled hole and switch
-High quality wiring harness and connectors
-All necessary wire taps and mounting hardware
-Detailed 4-page installation manual.

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Back in the eighties, Ford started adding glove box mounted trunk releases to all their Mustangs. By 2005, they all came with these keyless entry systems that had a trunk release button right on them. While this is a nice feature, many people felt Ford made an oversight by getting rid of the trunk release button inside the car.

Starkey Products has this nice solution. It its all 2005 to 2009 Mustangs, installs easily, doesn't require any drilling. Starkey includes detailed instructions. The button assembly itself, which is going to mount in your center console, wire taps and even includes zip ties.

For this installation, you need a Phillips head screwdriver, a small pick, and we recommend a set of wire-stripping pliers. We'll be installing the trunk release button kit on a 2005 Mustang GT.

The first step is to remove the shift knob. Once we have the knob unthreaded, we're going to remove the boot. Simply push it on the side, and lift up. Then you want to open up your console; two Phillips head screws located in the back here, and remove your console plate, simply pulling straight up on the edges. Do the same thing with the front.

Slide it up over our E brake. The trunk release button kit takes the place of this emergency brake access cover. I slowly want to pry this off, and put it aside. We're going to fish the wires for our new kit through the opening into the cup holder area. Once they're fished through, put the plate up into place, and snap it into place. Looks just like it came from the factory.

Now you want to locate the harness that goes to the 12-volt power source in your console. See a black and a green wire. We want to get the blue supplied tap. You need to tap into the black wire for ground. The tap will strip the wire, but it's not a bad idea to strip a small section just to make it easier. Get the wire inside and snap it shut.

Now locate the black wire you just fished through from the button, and plug it into your wire tap. Now we're ready to run our red wire. The red wire's going to get fished up past the shifter, through here, across the glove box and over the kick panel area. The side panel is good to have off to put the wire through. Simply pull straight out.

Put your wire through the cup holder, past the shifter, out the side and up through the glove box area. Once you have the wire routed through and you install the panel back in place; it'll help hold the wire. Snaps in just like it came off.

There's a thick harness right behind the four bolts that hold the glove box on. Use the supplied wire tie and just tie the red wire to that. Then we just fished the wire down to the bottom of the kick panel. The easiest thing to do here is pull the doorsill plate off first. Then we're going to remove the kick panel. Simply pull straight up and it'll pop right off.

Now we tap the red wire into this harness here; we're looking for the white wire with the pink stripe. Carefully remove some of this electrical tape so we can see the wires. Once we locate it, we're going to strip a small section, install the supplied red tap, and we attach our red wire. Once we make that connection, before we put everything back together, we're going to test our trunk release to make sure it works.

It works exactly like it should. Now that we've tested it, we retape the wire harness; we put our interior back together. You want to make sure the red wire is running through the center of your console. You also want to zip that out to the main harness. Make sure it doesn't interrupt your brake or your shifter. Pull the brake up as hard as we can to put the center back on.

The trunk release kit from Starkey is a well-engineered product, looks like factory when it's installed and requires no permanent modification. Installation only takes about twenty minutes. You'll be back on the road in no time.