Powermaster Starter OE Style Chrome 3-Speed or 4-Speed 260/289/302/351W/351C 1965-1973

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Powermaster Starter OE Style Chrome 3-Speed or 4-Speed 260/289/302/351W/351C 1965-1973
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Product Description

Powermaster OE Style Starter with Chrome Finish for 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mustangs with a 260, 289, 302, 351W or 351C Engine and 3-Speed or 4-Speed Transmission.

Powermaster permanent-magnet OEM-style high-torque replacement starters resemble your factory starter, but produce a lot of high-torque cranking power. A much stronger electric motor features a hefty 4.4:1 gear-reduction ratio which provides intense torque. Powermaster includes dyno test results so you know the exact output of your new starter.

The output of this starter works well with a stock engine. Engines with 10:1 (and higher) compression should upgrade to a starter with more torque. When a stock flywheel is used, the starter produces 90 torque at peak horsepower. Powermaster's OE starter weighs in at 22 lbs. Depending on battery resistance, Powermaster's starter has a 1.4 kw rated output.

A - 4.49"
B - 7.84"
C - 0.24"
D - 0.98"
E - 4.09"

This starter has a 3/8" offset to fit many Ford small blocks equipped with an 3-speed or 4-speed transmission. 3-speed and 4-speed transmissions generally have a 3/8" offset between the ring gear and engine plate. Simply measure the distance to ensure you are buying the correct starter if you have doubts. The starter is chrome plated which will look great on your show car.

Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Bill: We have a special guest in the studio today. Brady, the Sales Manager from Powermaster, and he's here to tell us a little bit about their products. Brady, thanks for coming.

Brady: Thanks for having me, Bill.

Bill: What can you tell me about Powermaster?

Brady: Well, Powermaster Performance was started in 1981 making some OE parts. We do work for Richard Petty Driving School, Grave Digger monster trucks. In 1992, the Powermaster brand was started. What we do is high performance starters and alternators. We have a one-year warranty on our products and 90 days on some of the race stuff. We do a full refurb program for anybody that runs into a little trouble with an install or damages some products on a race vehicle.

We have everything from stock replacement alternators and starters all the way up to high performance gear reduction for engines up to 18 to one compression, alternators up to 200 and higher amperage. Basically anything for the street, strip and hot rod type applications.

Bill: Where are your products made at?

Brady: Everything we do is made in our 150,000-square foot plant in West Chicago, Illinois. We've been there since 1981 and we're not going anywhere.

Bill: I'm familiar with your starters and alternators, but I wasn't aware you guys made a generator.

Brady: Well, Bill, we actually don't. This is an alternator that just looks like a generator. This is for guys that are looking for a little bit higher amperage than the factory piece. We dyno test every starter and alternator that leaves the plant. Every alternator gets our proof of performance tag.

As you can see, this one did 90 amps at the top end, 72 at idle, which is well over three times the output a factory generator would've done. That's in half the weight of a factory generator package.

Bill: What can you tell me about this generator you brought with you?

Brady: What we brought with us today was the 200-amp in a natural finish here for upgrade on later model vehicles. We got a hundred amp one wire for a serpentine setup in a black finish. We also brought a chrome finish for the earlier models with the v-belt on it. That's again a one wire hundred amp hookup. Those come with the mounting hardware so that they'll bolt right into your Mustang. We offer anything from a stock replacement 60-amp externally regulated all the way up to that 200-amp of direct replacement.

Bill: They're all available in three finishes?

Brady: All available in not just these three finishes, but we also offer polished and a brand new satin finish that we're working on now.

Bill: Brady, I know starters are a big part of your business at Powermaster. Want can you tell us about this one you brought with you today?

Brady: This is our XS torque 200-foot pound starter. It's got a fully aluminum-encased solenoid and armature housing. What that does it helps keep heat soak down. The heat's going to dissipate right out of the starter motor during cranking. What it also has is our fully-adjustable intra-clock style feature. This starter can be rotated 360 degrees to clear headers and kick out an oil pan or really any obstacle you may have in the way, all in a package that will turn an engine up to 18 to one compression with no problems.

Bill: The Powermaster has taken a part that most people view as a replacement item and made it into a true performance necessity.

Brady: That's right. We've been making starters and alternators for your Mustang for over thirty years right here in the U.S.