Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Valve Stem Style 2007-2014

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Product Description

Valve Stem Style Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor for 2007-2014 Mustangs.

This is a direct replacement for the Ford OEM sensors that used wheel bands. This sensor is the more popular valve stem style found on the 2010-2014 Mustangs, but features the correct frequency to work with the 2007-2009 tire pressure monitor system.

Can be programmed using the Ford tire pressure monitor programmer (TBANDP). Features a chrome valve stem body with an alloy cap. Sold each. Car requires four.

*Valve stems are not designed for speeds over 155 mph.

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Starting in 2007, all Ford Mustangs were equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system from the factory. If you're looking to order new wheels and tires for a 2007 or newer Mustang, you want to make sure you order the correct TPMS sensors as well.

This is a sensor used in your 2007 through 2009 Mustang. Installs on a metal band that goes the entire way around the inside diameter of your wheel. Starting in 2010 Ford switch to the valve stem style. This particular sensor here is actually going to fit your 2007 and up Mustang. These are going to be less expensive, as well as easier to install than the standard band style clamps. No matter what sensor you go with, you'll need a TPMS sensor tool to retrain your car once installing your new wheels.

Since we installed a set of aftermarket Ford racing wheels on our 2013, Gotta Have It Street car, we are going to have to reprogram our TMPS. Since there's several steps involved in the process, I'm going to walk you through it.

You're going to start with your ignition key in the off position. You're going to press and release the brake pedal and cycle the key to run three times, and the third time stopping at run. Again, press and release the pedal, turn the key back to off. Then again three times ending at run. When you get the honk from the horn, you know you're in training mode. Once you enter training mode, the display on your dash is going to say, "Train Left Front Tire."

We're to start with the left front. You want to grab your TPMS sensor; you're aiming a couple of inches away from the valve stem. The light of the sensor will come on and the horn will honk once the tire is trained. Now you going to go over to the other side, now to the rear, and lastly the rear driver side. Once we're finished, it will say training complete on the dashboard and you're ready to drive your Mustang.