TMI Seat Foam Sport R/Sport XR/Sport II 1965-1967

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Product Description

TMI Sport R/Sport XR/Sport II Seat Foam for all 1965-1967 Mustangs with Sport R, Sport XR or Sport II Upholstery.

Add some extra comfort to your ride with this new and improved, styled seat foam from TMI. This Sport R/Sport XR/Sport II style seat foam features extra support side bolsters that give your seat a more comfortable and luxurious feel. This seat foam is intended for use with TMI's Sport R, Sport XR and Sport II seat upholstery sets for 1965-1967 Mustangs. This seat foam lets you reuse your stock seat frames and avoid fully replacing the entire seat. This allows for great, comfortable new seat foam to fit and be installed rather painlessly.

This TMI Sport seat foam works with the TMI Sport seats and upholstery to provide gorgeous, cozy seating. This TMI Sport seat foam is easy to install, with molded-in listing wires for easy covering and help maintain the proper shape. This foam includes a back section and a bottom section of seat foam, enough to do just one seat at a time. Pick up this TMI Sport R/Sport XR/Sport II Seat Foam and start feeling absolute luxury and comfort from the moment you sit down in your 1965-1967 Mustang.

*Sold individually. Two sets of seat foam are required to do two bucket seats.
*Will not work with original style seat upholstery. For use with Sport R, Sport XR and Sport II style seat upholstery only.

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Product Reviews

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Great Upgrade
Great Upgrade of the standard foam and fits well with the Sports II seat covers.
65KGT August 20, 2014
Very Nice
WOW I wish I would have gotten these at the low price of $94. I paid $124. Well worth it though.

Well I ordered 2 sets of these. I sent one set back and havent gotten another in return yet. The one I sent back was torn in 2 places and the quality was way lower than the other set that came in (very spongey). The other set I did keep looks awesome and feels great. I cant wait to get the other set back to finish up. I would have given 5 stars if both sets would have been as good as the one I kept.
Joshua August 19, 2014
Good but beware
The seat foam is nice, no problems.
Bob August 7, 2014
Looks like a great product
Looks great
William Densmore June 5, 2014
4 Results

Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Bill: Today, we are taking a look at some ways to upgrade your Mustang's interior using premium products from one of our more popular vendors, TMI. TMI has been an industry leader for over 30 years, producing interior products for your '64 through 2013 Mustang. Today, we have a special guest in our studio, TMI sales manager Waylon Crumrie. Waylon, thanks for coming.

Waylon: Thanks for having me Bill.

Bill: I'm sure that you get this a lot, but what does TMI stand for?

Waylon: TMI was founded in 1982 by four brothers whose last name is Tuccinardi. You get Tuccinardi Manufacturing Incorporated.

Bill: How did you get in to the Mustang market?

Waylon: Originally we started doing Volkswagen interiors, but we quickly saw the market demand for high-quality premium Mustang upholstery and so we have been doing that now for about 25 years.

Bill: Where do you manufacture your products?

Waylon: We manufacture in Corona, California, where we have about 140,000 square feet and nearly 200 employees who do 100% of our manufacturing right here in the U.S.A.

Bill: I hear that you have some new products for us today?

Waylon: I sure do. Do you want to take a look?

Bill: Sounds good. Waylon, a lot of our customers do not know a lot about seat foam and I hate to admit it, but I do not know much about it myself. What makes your premium different than your standard seat foam?

Waylon: That is a good question and I am happy to clarify, because we do get that question a lot. You know, on the surface these two foams appear almost identical. They are both '64 to '66, close cell high-density foam but the difference between our standard foam and our premium is when you get a little closer. Originally, foams were designed like this. Just an empty channel where you would hog ring through and the frustration would be is that you would blindly have to poke through this with your hog ring and find an attachment point on the back. What we have done, in order to save frustration, especially for the first time installer, if this is your first install on upholstery, this will definitely save you some time and again the frustration of blindly trying to find an attachment point.

We actually molded the listing channel directly in to the foam so that you can visually see it without having to, like I said, blindly search through the back of the foam, hoping to find the right place to attach. One more thing that I would like to point out that we do in order to ease the installation for the first time installer and actually the experienced installer is that normally you would have to lay down burlap in between the foam and the springs to help protect the foam from being punctured by the springs. Both of our standard and our premium foams come with a protective layer already adhered to the back of the foam. Again, this is so you don't have to use burlap in addition to this and it will suffice in keeping your foam safe from punctures from the springs.

Bill: Waylon, what model of Mustang do you offer foam for?

Waylon: We offer our standard and premium line for the '64 to '73 Mustang and then we pick it up again and do it from '79 to 2007 and that is including the special edition Mustang's like the Cobra, Bullitt, and Mach 1.