TMI Upholstery Mach 1 Style High Back Sport Seats 1992-1993

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TMI Upholstery Mach 1 Style High Back Sport Seats 1992-1993
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TMI Mach 1 Style High Back Sport Seat Upholstery for 1992-1993 Ford Mustangs.

Restore or re-style your Fox Body Mustang's high-back sport seats with a set of TMI's Mach 1 Style upholstery. Whether you need to replace just your front buckets, or your car needs a full upholstery overhaul, TMI has a Mach 1 Style upholstery set to fit your car style.

Designed to provide a factory fit and made from premium vinyl, TMI offers their Mach 1 style upholstery in most original colors to match your Fox Body's interior. The black upholstery uses a replica Comfortweave vinyl in the center section, just like a 1969 or 1970 Mach 1. All other colors use normal vinyl in the center.

Your new TMI Mach 1 upholstery can be used with the original seat foam, although we recommend new seat foam for a better fit and finish. All sets include upholstery for the small headrests used in 1992-1993.

*Use seat foam SF13.
*Will fit all high back seats used in 1992-1993 Mustangs.
*1992-1993 seats did not feature an adjustable thigh bolster.

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Bill: Today, we are taking a look at some ways to upgrade your Mustang's interior using premium products from one of our more popular vendors, TMI. TMI has been an industry leader for over 30 years, producing interior products for your '64 through 2013 Mustang. Today, we have a special guest in our studio, TMI sales manager Waylon Crumrie. Waylon, thanks for coming.

Waylon: Thanks for having me Bill.

Bill: I'm sure that you get this a lot, but what does TMI stand for?

Waylon: TMI was founded in 1982 by four brothers whose last name is Tuccinardi. You get Tuccinardi Manufacturing Incorporated.

Bill: How did you get in to the Mustang market?

Waylon: Originally we started doing Volkswagen interiors, but we quickly saw the market demand for high-quality premium Mustang upholstery and so we have been doing that now for about 25 years.

Bill: Where do you manufacture your products?

Waylon: We manufacture in Corona, California, where we have about 140,000 square feet and nearly 200 employees who do 100% of our manufacturing right here in the U.S.A.

Bill: I hear that you have some new products for us today?

Waylon: I sure do. Do you want to take a look?

Bill: Sounds good. If your Mustang is your daily driver, wear and tear is going to be inevitable. One of the first places that you will start seeing wear is on the seats. From getting in and out constantly, both the upper and lower bolsters will wear thin and eventually rip. Thankfully TMI has a solution for your late model Mustang.

Waylon: Yes. At TMI we manufacture upholstery for every year of the Mustang from '79 all the way up to 2007; covering every LX, every GT, and more recently we have moved in to the special production options of the Bullitt, Mach 1, and the '03, '04 Cobras. We have really begun to specialize in those rare-option seats. One thing that not everybody knows is that the seat that you are leaning on is a '99 to '04. Any one of those frames from a V6 or a GT, if it is worn out and you are looking to replace it, it can easily be upgraded to a seat like this '01 Bullitt here. It is the same frame and it is the same metal work. All you need is new foam and upholstery to turn that raggedy seat in to a high-performance bucket.

Bill: You are telling me that I can take a stock seat like this, a real basic boring seat, and make it in to a Mach 1, Bullitt, '03 Cobra.

Waylon: Yes, absolutely. If you want, I can show you right now. It is really that simple.

Bill: Sure.

Waylon: Headrest goes.

Bill: Okay.

Waylon: You want to grab that side? Just strip that off and get down to the bare metal. I happen to have this as your '03-'04 Cobra foam that I will slip over the top. Essentially, that is it. You can tell that it is the same size seat and the same size frame with new upholstery over the top of that. You just turned a raggedy beat up V6 cloth seat in to a high-performance bucket. It really is that simple.