Torque Box 1-Piece Passenger Side Coupe/Fastback 1965-1970

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Passenger Side 1-Piece Torque Box for 1965-1970 Mustang Coupes and Fastbacks.

An old or weak torque box can mean body flex or frame twisting which can do serious damage to your Mustang. If you need to replace the entire torque box, we recommend this one-piece style reproduction. Made from high-quality 14-gauge steel.

*Will fit 71-73 Mustangs with some modifications.

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Difficulty: Moderate

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Torque Box
Installed on a '67 coupe that originally did not include a torque box on the passenger side. I did take it apart at the welds before installing it. I painted, installed and welded the bottom piece first then the top piece onto it using the weld holes I cut through (using a spot weld cutter) to get it apart. Worked great and a cheaper option than buying the one already in pieces. It adds piece of mind that I can paint it inside and out. I also seam sealed the whole thing to keep any water from running between the firewall/toe-board and box. It is a good heavy box.

It would be nice if it came in two pieces instead of one, but it was not much trouble to cut into two with the right tool.
K2 December 3, 2014
Bring a big hammer, saw and floor jack...
I retrofitted the passenger side torque box on a 1966 Mustang (the 66 did not come with a passenger side torque box) to stiffen the unibody. I had to do significant alterations to get the torque box installed. I ultimately trimmed/cut both the right and left sides of the torque box as it is shown in the picture. The left side stuck out too far to allow the torque box to slide up along the frame rail. I had to trim off the horizontal tab on the seat support and a little of the horizontal frame rail tab of the car (used a Dremel tool) to slide the torque box in and up toward the floor pan. I also had to completely remove the vertical flap on the right side (used a sawsall). This is because the vertical flap hit the bottom of the firewall extension/kick plate of the pan and would not allow the torque box to snug up to the floor along the rocker side. I used a floor jack from below and power-pressed the torque box in, then mig welded the box to the rocker and frame with spotweld-like rosetta welds (e.g., pre-drilled holes around the torque box perimeter before I inserted it in place and filled the holes with weld). This is a heavy gauge piece of metal - which is good because I had to lean on it pretty hard to get it in. This is a solid part and a great addition to your restomod - I did the same thing to a 67 last summer, but without as much cutting because I replaced the toe kick/firewall extension after the box was installed.
Mike B. September 5, 2014
Very Thick Metal...Great Product!
My intention was to split the box apart and weld them in as separate pieces. As with any product, I had to trim, fit, trim again and fit some more but that's the nature of the beast when working on a 48 year old car. After I had the toe board piece fitting the way I wanted, I spray-bombed it for rust protection since the piece does mate face-to-face with the toe board. After I welded it in, I gave the exposed side a shot of paint too. I painted the inside of the second piece to prevent rust and welded it in to the reinforcement panel. Overall, it's a time consuming job but well worth the effort. I posted a YouTube video of the install. Search for '65 Mustang Restoration Part 5.5 Torque box installation'. I made a succession of videos in order to cover the entire install. Build quality: The metal used for this piece is thick and very robust. The box is a quality piece for the money if you plan on installing as I outlined above. Very satisfied.
Joe October 14, 2013
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We're here with a replacement front torque box for your 64-1970 Mustang Coupe or Fastback. Ford realized the benefit of the front torque boxes in convertibles and use them since 1965. By 1967, they had a driver side torque box in the Mustang, by 1968 all three body styles benefited from both front torque boxes. Even though your 65-66 Coupe never came factory with torque boxes, we strongly suggest adding them to your restoration to increase the strength of your front end. Our torque boxes are made of heavy gauge steel and they come pre-welded so they're ready to install. Here you can see the torque box installed on this 1965 Mustang Coupe; it's going to weld between your frame rail and your rocker to increase the strength of the front end of your car. Whether or not your Mustang came with torque boxes from the factory, when you're doing your restoration, we highly suggest adding a set to your build.