Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Kompact Shortie Dual Port Focus ST 2013-2014/EcoBoost 3.5L F-150 2011-2012

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Pick up this cold air intake and SCT tuner to really get the most out of the turbos in your vehicle!
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Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Kompact Shortie Dual Port Focus ST 2013-2014/EcoBoost 3.5L F-150 2011-2012
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Product Description

Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve for all 2013-2014 Focus STs and all 2011-2012 3.5L F150s with EcoBoost.

One of the many joys of owning a turbo powered vehicle is hearing the turbo spool up when you hit the throttle, but since the factory does such a nice job of limiting how much turbo noise you can actually hear, that joy turns into disappointment pretty quick. This is where Turbosmart steps in and introduces the all new Kompact Shortie Blow Off Valve, specifically designed to suit BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos, which are factory installed components on many Ford EcoBoost engines, including the 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST and 2011-2012 3.5L F150s.

The Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve is a bolt-on direct replacement for the factory valve on all BorgWarner EFR, KKK and most Ecoboost turbos, the Kompact Shortie Dual Port BOV provides better boost response and superior boost handling capabilities.

- Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve
- Straight and Banjo Nipples
- Mounting Screws
- Spring Clamps
- Instructions

The Dual Port design of this Kompact Shortie BOV offers responsive flow characteristics allowing air to be vented to the atmosphere for sound, providing you with the whoosh sound you've been looking for, without upsetting the ECU. Turbosmart's Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve will have everyone stopping, staring and listening to your ride.

Turbosmart machines each Kompact Shortie BOV in-house, from solid billet aluminum. Ensuring they won't suffer from cracking or leaking like the factory plastic valves do with weak, non-reinforced diaphragms. Internally, the use of a light-weight, brass/aluminum, two-piece, O-ring sealed piston and new carefully engineered springs make this BOV the most responsive valve of its kind, capable of handling over 30PSI of boost!

The smaller dimensions of the new Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve make it a breeze to install and it fits a wide range of applications. Making things even easier, each BOV is supplied with both a swivel banjo nipple and a straight nipple, meaning you can modify the BOV to better suit your specific set-up and application. Also, larger o-rings have been fitted in the base to make installation easier than ever.

Will Also Fit:
- Ford F150 3.5L EcoBoost 2011-2012: Requires two valves
- Ford Fusion 2.0L EcoBoost
- Ford XR5/RS 2.5L 5-Cylinder 2004-2010

Turn your hot and beastly F150 into an all-out street machine with the large selection of Ecoboost parts offered by CJ Pony Parts from some of the top name brands in the industry available for you to pick up today!

Tech Tip: The 3.5L F150 is a twin turbo, so it requires two of these Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valves.

Product Reviews

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Love it
When i originally saw this product a few weeks ago, i knew that i had to get it for my car. Mainly because i love the blow-off sound, but also because I plan to add quite a bit more hp/tq.
Tyler December 16, 2014
A Must Have!
Oh hell yeah! A must have! Sounds sooo damn sick! I live in New York and set mine pretty much in the middle. Not too too crazy loud but just loud enough to turn a head to two. I love it! I have this with my Cp-e intake and COBB full turbo-back system. No need for a radio.. just put the windows all down and listen to the powerful sounds.. buy it!
Mr Adams December 7, 2014
Great Product
Easy to install with proper tools. Sounds great!
Kevin November 29, 2014
Love it
Excellent BOV especially for MAP, not MAF, sensor cars like Ford. I would put difficulty of install less than moderate. My struggle was to get to one gasket screw on my '13 Fusion Titanium. Other than that, it's plug-n-play. The sound is just right without being obnoxious like competitors. I would have linked CJs YouTube install video to this. Makes it that much easier.
Stan Z. November 4, 2014
I love it!
The blow off valve came quick and was easy to install! Definitely buying the remaining parts for my Focus ST from cjponyparts!
Wyatt England October 30, 2014
Turbo smart bov
Customer service always amazing!! The whole concept of putting this on is easy. Actually getting back there to take the bolts out and removing the old piece was not so easy. Would have been a lot easier if it were on a lift!! Besides that simple and easy!
Beaver August 31, 2014
great product
This product is great. As usual the customer service was fantastic, ordered on thursday and received on monday. The install was a little difficult due to the tight area, i recommend using a 5mm allen key socket with a 6" and 12" extension for two of the nuts then a T-handle 5mm allen key for the far right one due to the placement of another bolt making it difficult to use a socket. other than that the install went smoothly. The sound is fantastic and you can even feel the turbo being more responsive due to the air not being recirculated as much.
Nicholas August 19, 2014
Turbosmart is a turbo must!
With the right tools as shown in the video installing it is a breeze! Being able to have the car up in the air will make the job easier. I have my set on ther hardest side because where I live but as soon you let off the gas you do here that trademark blow off sound.
Jhamar Hamilton August 14, 2014
Great Product
Order processing and shipping are amazing, next day. Nice sound, a lot better quality than the factory plastic BOV. Sounds a little funny at high altitudes 5,000 and above but with less air it makes a different sound. I went all the way to the top of pikes peak at 14,000 ft no problems at all. Once I got back down below 5,000 feet elevation it sounded normal again. Really compliments the cold air intake because you get the nice vacuum noise followed by the air release.
Jameson August 11, 2014
What can I say customer service 200% assisted me with questions as every one says ez install and the sound BOOOOMBASTIK
JC July 20, 2014
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Ford's EcoBoost engine line has been a huge hit with rumors OF the 2015 Mustang getting the EcoBoost option, turbo power appears here to stay. One of the reasons turbos are so popular is that it's easy to turn the boost up and make more horsepower. When doing so, there are other modifications you'll want to make to protect the longevity of your engine.

The owner of our Focus ST has plans to turn the boost up in the future, so today we're going to remove his factory bypass valve and replace it with this dual port blow off valve from Turbosmart. A bypass valve and a blow off valve accomplish the same thing, but they do it in two different ways. When you are under boost and you close the throttle body, you're going to have pressure between the turbo and the throttle body itself. That pressure has to go somewhere because if not, it goes back into your turbo which slows the compressor wheel down and damages your turbo.

The factory set-up uses a bypass valve and what that does is when you close the throttle body, it takes the air and recirculates it back into your inlet track after your mass air sensor. What a blow off does is the exact same thing, but instead of recirculating it, it simply vents into the atmosphere and gives it that turbo sound that most people are familiar with.

The unit from Turbosmart is the best of both worlds. It's a 50/50 dual port bypass. What it does is 50% of the air is recirculated back into your inlet track, the other 50% is vented to the atmosphere. Many people argue over the benefits of bypass versus blow off. The Turbosmart gives you the best of both worlds.

Another nice feature of the Turbosmart blow off valve is the adjustability. You can actually turn the whole mechanism to make the spring either harder or softer, allowing to compensate for higher or lower boost pressure, but also to compensate for elevation change.

For this installation, you need a jack and jack stands or lift; 3/8 ratchet; extension; 5mm Allen socket or Allen key; 13mm deep socket; needle nose pliers; and a flashlight.

A factory bypass valve is located on the passenger side of the engine kind of behind the wheel. First thing you want to do is get your car up in the air and pull off your wheel. The factory bypass valve is pretty far in so it's kind of tough to see with the camera. We're going to show you the basics of what we're going to do. There's three 5mm bolts here. They hold the base in. You can simply remove the vacuum line off the top to remove your factory bypass valve.

Now we'll use needle nose pliers to disconnect the vacuum line. Remove our stock bypass. Here you can see the stock bypass versus the Turbosmart. Obviously, there's a huge difference in the quality and construction between these two. You'll also notice that the vacuum fitting comes straight up on the factory piece versus at an angle on the Turbosmart.

Turbosmarts give you both versions, both the straight and a right angle. We're going to swap out for the straight making installation a little bit easier, and we're ready to install. I want to install a dab of Loctite on each bolt before putting them in. I'm going to reinstall our wheel and our installation is finished. We'll start by trying it out with no load. Now we'll give it a ride.

While it's not really a necessary modification for a stock Focus, if you're planning on adding boost or simply want the sound of a blow-off valve, you can't go wrong with a Turbosmart. Installation should only take you around an hour. You'll be back on the road in no time.