What Is Mustang Club of America Edition Mustang?

The Mustang Club of America is a national organization of Mustang enthusiasts and includes regional chapters throughout the United States and around the world. Since its origin in 1976, a primary role of the MCA is to exert a positive influence on the Mustang and to add to its widespread popularity. MCA members gain access to numerous benefits, such as 12 issues of the Mustang Times magazine per year, windshield decals, special pricing and discounts on Ford vehicles, and the opportunity to attend member appreciation events throughout the year. Over the years Ford has used MCA events as a sounding board to acquire feedback from Mustang owners regarding ways to enhance the Mustang’s design and performance.

Mustang Club of American Edition of the MustangFord Creates a Mustang for the MCA

In 2010, the Ford Motor Company recognized the many valuable contributions the MCA has made to the Mustang brand by creating a Mustang Club of America Edition Mustang. This took the form of a special option package that was available with the six-cylinder version of the 2011 Mustang that included a hockey stick-shaped stripe on the side, chrome stripes on the grille, a spoiler, specially designed floor mats, fog lamps and automatic headlights. Buyers could add this MCA package at a cost of just under $1,000.

MCA Package Available in Subsequent Years

The Mustang Club of America Edition Mustang proved to be so popular with car buyers that Ford had offered it as an option in subsequent years. The 2014 version for the V6 Mustang features a specially designed dark stainless steel grille with Pony badge, rear decklid spoiler, metallic-painted aluminum wheels and deluxe carpeted floor mats that includes an embroidered MCA logo.

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